World ranking: Argentina, among the 5 countries where the mobile phone is used the most

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We often talk about the number of devices (alarm clocks, stereos, streaming) that are summarized in a single device: the mobile phone. Its great power of concentration has made it irreplaceable, but also an object that usually generates a lot of addiction.

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A global study has identified which countries spend the most time per day using their mobile phone during the year 2022, and Argentina has slipped into the the top five in the world of this ranking.

The study conducted by Electronic hub points out that people spend approx 40% of your day -about 6 hours and 37 minutes- to a computer or mobile device.

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Social networks and applications are the most popular use given to mobile phones. In fact, it is estimated that the average Argentine Internet user spends 145 minutes updated on digital platforms.

World map of cell phone consumption.  Electronic Center

World map of cell phone consumption. Electronic Center

The question the study seeks to answer is in which countries do residents spend more time in front of the screen and in which less? To do this, it analyzed the trends in 45 countries.

In the lead are the South Africans: they are the ones who spend the most time in front of a screen, with almost three fifths (58.2%) of their waking time.

This excess is a cause for concern among public health researchers in the country. A study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health revealed that 67% of preschoolers exceed these time limits.

In the top ten, the inhabitants of four of the main South American countries spend more than half of the day in front of screens: the Brazilians achieve 56.6% of their waking time using devices and those of Argentina are very close (53.8%).

Tick ​​tock He’s the big star of the moment. According to 2022 data, its users spend almost a full day (23.6 hours) a month using the application; YouTube in second place with an average of 23.2 hours per month; and Facebook defends its third place in the global ranking, with an average of 19.4 hours per user per month.

The other Latin countries that complete the podium are Colombia (53.2%) and Chile (51.6%). These records surpass those of other developed countries such as Australia (35.89%), the Netherlands (33.81%), Italy (35.56%) or South Korea (30.98%).

World ranking of mobile phone use

The ten countries that spend the most time in front of a mobile phone.  Electronic Center

The ten countries that spend the most time in front of a mobile phone. Electronic Center

Excess time also disproportionately affects adolescents, as a study published in Brazil’s Jornal de Pediatría reveals that 70% of 10-19 year olds spend more than two hours a day in front of a screen.

Despite Japan’s passion for electronics, its people have the lowest percentage of screen time in the world: users spend just 21.7% of their time looking at their devices.

In 2020, Kagawa Prefecture became the first Japanese region to legally limit screen time, by passing an ordinance to address growing video game addiction.

Thailand (48.56%), Russia (48.01%) and Malaysia (47.34%) complete the list of top 10 countries, far exceeding Japan.

Despite being one of the countries that has generated the most technological progress in recent years, its citizens spend only 21.7% of their content consuming time from their mobile phones.

Source: Clarin

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