Apple plays up its reputation in mixed reality glasses with never-before-seen technology

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After a long series of rumors that never reached their destination, everything seems to indicate that Apple will finally present the Reality Pro, its mixed reality glasses, during the inaugural conference of WWDC 2023 and will bring into play his reputation with hardware that has not yet achieved widespread consumer acceptance.

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To power up this project, you will get a completely new operating system and interface. Furthermore, it will include a large number of software and services underpinning this long-awaited launch.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter and one of the most trusted sources for anticipating Apple products, says the company has a clear focus on Apple Reality Pro. At least initially, they will focus on the entertainment service, physical activities, and the collaborative work.

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The forecasts of the aforementioned analyst suggest that the Cupertino company will present them on June 5 this year, during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), even if the product will begin to be marketed months later.

It will have dual 4K screens up to a flexible OLED panel at the front that displays the user’s eyes. It will have about ten cameras that will be able to analyze eye movements and the external environment.

Apple knows this scenario very well and wants to use its experience in the sector and avoid the inconveniences that Meta has had with its glasses, to ensure the success of its new flagship product.

Offerings will include games, fitness and collaboration tools, new versions of existing Apple iPad features, and services exclusive to watch sports.

First, Apple will adapt third-party iPad apps to run on realityOS. On the other hand, it will optimize a long list of its own apps, such as Calendar, Files, Mail, Maps, Messages, Notes, Photos, Music, News, and design new versions of Books and Camera to read and take photos from the device.

In turn, they are working to surprise. There will also be a Fitness+ virtual reality app that will let you do guided workouts in an immersive space, Freeform to write ideas on a collaborative virtual whiteboard and FaceTime which will have 3D versions of users for virtual meetings.

Games will play a very big role, although there aren’t too many details on the plans. It is only known that the company is working with some developers to give them a twist that justifies the use of these lenses.

never seen headphones

All announcements held WWDC23, June 5, 2023. Apple photos.

All announcements held WWDC23, June 5, 2023. Apple photos.

Along with the Apple Reality Pro will come a headset for mixed reality, the cost of which will amount to 3,000. Apple’s hardware products have long relied on a robust suite of software, epitomized by the Steve Jobs-era tagline: “There’s an app for that.”

The top executives tasked with launching its new mixed reality headsets believe the category could finally unseat the iPhone as the company’s flagship product.

But the pressure can still be great when dealing with a technology that is unknown to many consumers and very expensive. Apple will have to sell the world because someone need a device so and how to use it.

Source: Clarin

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