Mark Zuckerberg will launch his Twitter within Instagram: what the new social network will look like

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Objective, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, wants to broaden its horizons within social networks with a new initiative. Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg ordered the development of a platform to compete directly with TwitterElon Musk’s social network.

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“Platform” is a decentralized microblogging application that the Zuckerberg-led company already referenced in March.

According to the first rumors, his characteristics would make him related to Mastodon, who was talked about as a replacement for Twitter at the end of 2022, and Bluesky Social, of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

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However, the new platform Meta is working on is still a mystery.

This is what the new social network will look like.

This is what the new social network will look like.

The first indications of the possible arrival of “Meta Twitter” date back to March of this year, when they acknowledged that it would be the network “decentralized and independent text sharing”.

Lia Haberman, author of the ICYM newsletter on Substack, said the company may share the app with some content creators and could launch into end of June; even if officially from the technology company there are no confirmations in this regard.

How Platformer will work

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

As it turned out, Instagram users they could use the same username and maintain the same number of followers in this new social network. In addition, those who have the verification seal will also be able to keep it. The also called P62 or “Barcelona” You can publish texts up to 500 characters. Like on Twitter, you can also add images and short videos; in this case up to five minutes.

Lia Harman, a professor of social media and influencer marketing at the University of California (UCLA), has leaked the first images of the P92 preview. In them you can see that the application will have an aesthetic very similar to that of Twitter, with a timeline in which publications will be displayed. In this case, the fact that the profile photo appears on the right and not on the left, as usual, stands out.

The publications will have the usual reactions: ‘I like’, comment and send. At the bottom of the screen, with the same aesthetic that Instagram presents, the options are shown, from left to right, to access the timeline, search, add a new publication, publications that have been cataloged with the ‘like’ heart ‘ and access your user profile.

Haerman added another important aspect to highlight in his newsletter: “the decentralized application is based on Instagram, but will be compatible with other applications, such as Mastodon“. In his post on Twitter, he expands on this information and explains that “users of these other applications will be able to search, follow and interact with your profile and your content, whether public or private, and approve them as followers”.

“This allows you to reach new audiences without extra work. Also, creators may be eligible to be recommended to people who don’t follow them yet.” In the absence of any new information, we’ll just have to wait if the new platform launches next June or if it’s still a couple of months away.

Source: Clarin

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