Netflix’s Argentina branch has confirmed it will start charging for shared accounts

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And finally, what was promised became a debt to the customer. After more than a year of anticipating the collection of shared accounts, Netflix has announced what the system will be like to end a habit practically installed among the Argentine public.

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Through a brief statement, he stressed that “Netflix accounts are designed to be used in the same household. Everyone living in that household can access the catalog wherever they are (at home, on vacation or on the road) and use new features like Transfer a profile or Manage access and devices”.

After last year’s failed initiative, which cost it an exodus of subscribers, the company back to load with a new model to receive “an extra” for each account used outside the same address.

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“We know our members have many options for entertainment. For this reason, we continue to invest in a wide variety of new movies and series, so that you can always find something to watch on Netflix to suit your tastes, your mood or your language,” they explain.

Netflix's new rules.  Photo REUTERS

Netflix’s new rules. Photo REUTERS

Starting this month, some customers will receive a message with detailed instructions going to implement this new payment system to share accounts without additional costs.

“You probably remember that last year we introduced a feature that allowed you to watch Netflix from another home. While we’ve stopped offering it, we want to tell you about the new features that are now available,” the message details.

After many deliberations and counter-marches, from this Tuesday users will have to pay 699 pesos extra for every “new member”, i.e. for every account you want to share Netflix with.

To avoid surprises, the streaming company recommends checking who uses a Netflix account, which is verified by the login screen itself.

From this location, you can control the devices your account is logged into. One option to combat potential hacks is to log out of devices that shouldn’t have access and change your password. To share an account with someone who lives in another household, there are two functions:

  • transfer a profile: Anyone using the account can transfer a profile to their own.
  • Add one more member: You can share your Netflix account with someone who doesn’t live in the same house for an additional $699 per month (before tax).

resistance to increase

Previous tests were unsuccessful.  photo by AFP.

Previous tests were unsuccessful. photo by AFP.

A pilot test has started in some countries during 2023 to see how the consumer has responded. A “buy additional member” option appeared on the screen which allowed account holders to pay an additional monthly fee for a sub-account for 1 or 2 people.

But the results have been disastrous, with many deciding to cancel their subscription rather than pay extra. “This is not going to be a universally popular movement,” speculated the company executive in light of the results that were evident at the time.

Many consumers understand that this is a hidden increase hitting the penalty pocket of Argentines.

Far from backing down, the company insists that those who try to access another person’s Netflix account without payment could have their devices locked, after a period of notice.

Source: Clarin

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