Sat Colibri, Conscious Pop Artist Releases Single ‘Mother’

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The artist sitting hummingbirdpresents his new song “Mother”, a hymn of gratitude and humility dedicated to mothers and femininity. It is the first single from his second studio album titled “Canciones Infinitas”.

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At a time when femininity has become visible in the world and where it is less and less taboo for men to express their emotions, the Colombian artist Sat Colibri presents a song that intends to pay homage to the mother and, with that, to femininity.

“Mother” is a song about the gratitude we owe to the person who gave us life. But she also recognizes the many mistakes we make with them and the way in which her love is able to forgive the faults we have done to him. All this with their understanding, their dedication and the infinite respect they have for their children.

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“This song was born as a gift to thank my mum, at a time when a song was the only and perhaps the best gift I could give her. But after handing it to her, I understood that it was not only a gesture of gratitude and humility towards my mother, but also towards femininity in general, towards “Mother of Mothers”which is also so important in the universe, in nature,” says Sat Colibri.

This song was composed and performed by Sat Colibri; produced by the winner of Latin Grammys 2022, Sebastian Mejia; mixed and mastered by Stefano Pizzaia.

It is the objective theme of the second studio album titled “Endless Songs”, which is characterized by songs designed to last a lifetime and stand out from the trend of making music thinking about the virality of the moment.

Source: Clarin

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