Christmas bonus for pensioners: when does ANSeS pay and how is it calculated?

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The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) has confirmed the June 2023 payment plan for retirees and retirees, who together with their assets will receive a supplement to the Complementary Annual Salary (SAC) or half bonus. Furthermore, who charges the minimum They will receive a $15,000 bonus.

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To calculate the income they will have as a Christmas bonus, pensioners and pensioners must take this into account 50% of the highest salary of the last semester. And that amount will hold the 20.92% increase due to mobility which had an impact in June.

Minimum credit from next month will be: $70,938. Thus, the extra income from SAC will reach $34,469.

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Thus, with the $15,000 income-reinforcement bonus (for people on the minimum pension or the $5,000 bonus for those on up to two minimum wages), retirees and retirees who receive the low will reach $121,407.

ANSeS calendar: when retirees receive Christmas bonuses, bonuses and assets in June

For those who charge the minimum:

  • Thursday 8 June, ID finished to 0
  • Friday June 9, DNI finished in 1
  • Monday June 12, DNI finished in 2
  • Tuesday June 13, DNI finished in the 3
  • Wednesday June 14, DNI finished in the 4
  • Thursday June 15, DNI finished in the 5
  • Friday June 16, DNI finished in the 6
  • Wednesday June 21, DNI finished in the 7
  • Thursday June 22, DNI finished in the 8
  • Friday June 23, DNI finished in the 9

Those earning more than a minimum wage:

  • Monday June 26, DNI finished at 0 and 1
  • Tuesday June 27, DNI finished in 2 and 3
  • Wednesday June 28, DNI finished in 4 and 5
  • Thursday 29 June, DNI finished in 6 and 7
  • Friday June 30, DNI finished at 8 and 9


Source: Clarin

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