WhatsApp says goodbye to phone numbers: usernames are here

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THE telephone number may soon go down in history on WhatsApp, which is working on a new feature that will allow users Choose a username to identify each account.

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As reported WaBetaInfothe site specializing in the Meta messaging service, this new identifier will be displayed phone replacement in the contact information, similar to other platforms such as Telegram.

This change would be part of the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, where the platform has begun to roll out this feature, although it is not visible at the moment. As, it would no longer be necessary to show the phone numberan essential step in strengthening the privacy of your community.

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The name currently in use has a different purpose than the username. In the case of the new username function, it serves to identify the account, while the name already used is the display name in front of contacts on the platform.

(Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

WhatsApp doesn’t invent anything new, far from it. This system is similar to the one used by other messaging platforms such as Telegram. In the case of the messenger developed by Pavel Durov, you just need to hit the main menu, go to the profile settings and write the desired username.

The same thing happens in any social network, where you have to choose an initial user, which will act as an identifier and will also help contacts connect more easily.

Currently, the WhatsApp account is linked to the users’ phone number, so that the profile is identified based on this data. This makes the the number is visible to all users with whom you interact on the instant messaging platform.

While this feature is still under development, WaBetaInfo ensures that conversations made via usernames are still protected by end-to-end encryption.

New improvements in the WhatsApp interface

The renewed WhatsApp interface will have direct access to pending messages (Starred Messages).  Photo: WABetainfo.

The renewed WhatsApp interface will have direct access to pending messages (Starred Messages). Photo: WABetainfo.

But choosing a username won’t be the only interface improvement in the messaging app, as more is expected in a future update for Android with three new shortcuts: profile, privacy and contacts.

In addition, WhatsApp plans to introduce direct access to the featured message within the application settings. This is already available on WhatsApp for iOS.

Whatsapp will rearrange the settings section for easier access to options, according to the Android trial version leaked by WABetainfo.

Similarly, the messaging app is also planning to introduce a new link within the chat list to quickly open the app settings.

Source: Clarin

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