The best smart appliances to save time, money and improve your kitchen

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Technology is also starting to be present in the world of cooking: culinary gadgets They are not just a solution for save timebut they also allow you to explore new techniques and create gastronomic experiences different without having too much knowledge.

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At the beginning there were electric kettles, blenders, toasters, elements that have become indispensable in homes. Now, smart small appliances and innovative kitchen utensils They present themselves as substitutes to meet the needs of the most demanding chefs.

Several well-known brands in the household appliances sector have decided to transform the classic accessories and appliances that usually live in the kitchen complete “all-in-one” models. that adapt to the needs and budget of the Argentine user.

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“Smart” robots and pans for the kitchen

The Click Chef robot, by Moulinex, combines 6 appliances in one to simplify cooking times.The Click Chef robot, by Moulinex, combines 6 appliances in one to simplify cooking times.

The development of food processors has made significant progress in recent years, transforming the way we cook and simplifying many kitchen tasks.

The need to speed up times in routine activities and exploiting small spaces are some of the requirements requested by users of these devices.

automatic programs, Intuitive and intelligent LCD screenpre-programmed recipes, compact and minimalist format, are some of the properties that users appreciate in these multifunctional devices.

The same thing happens with the aesthetic of your designwhich makes integration with the kitchen possible, and its multifunction to replace multiple appliances in one.

The robots’ functions allow you to place the ingredients necessary for cooking and carrying out other activities at the same time without paying attention to the preparations for mixing, stirring or whisking, boiling and even frying, for example.

Even the design of these devices, with removable components, make cleaning not a headache. Plus, all the preparation happens in one place, dirtying less kitchen utensils and even the counter.

These devices have recipe books to inspire and automatic cooking programs that facilitate the processes. Once the user has become accustomed to using the robot, it is also possible to use it through manual programs to create their own recipes and thus take full advantage of the machine’s functionality.

Most kitchen machines are equipped with precision sensors and technologies to ensure tasks are performed efficiently and accurately. This includes weight, temperature and others to automatically adjust settings as needed.

Moulinexthe brand of French origin has launched the third food processor that completes the category together with two existing models: Cooking Companion and Cookeo.

Model Click Chef It stands out for being a real “all in one”. Because it includes 6 accessories, 5 automatic programs, manual functions and even a precision scale for measuring ingredients.

Another alternative sophisticated in the kitchen there is Cuisine Companion, also from the same French brand.

Its differential is on the menu, since it has it 12 automatic programs to prepare sauces, soups, slow or steamed recipes, cake mixes, bread, pizza and desserts. Furthermore, it allows you to mix, chop, mash, brown, fry, sauté, beat and knead and is very easy to use.

XL kitchen companion It also includes a manual mode that allows users to prepare their own recipes, adjusting the time, cooking temperature and mixing speed.

It has twelve automatic programs for preparing sauces, soups, slow or steamed recipes, cake mixes, bread, pizza and desserts. Furthermore, it allows you to mix, chop, mash, brown, fry, sauté, beat and knead and is very easy to use. This is why it includes 6 accessories: blades, kneading accessory, whisk, emulsifying accessory, steam basket, XL base accessory.

In turn, the three-liter stainless steel bowl of this robot It allows you to cook for up to 10 people. Furthermore, it reaches a temperature of 150 ºC, ideal for sealing, and includes a cookbook with 300 recipes.

Pressure cooker-shaped robots that cook without having to pay attention.Pressure cooker-shaped robots that cook without having to pay attention.

While, Cookeo It is very easy to use and super versatile, like a conventional pot, but with an intuitive control panel and “smart” features.

Its menu has four cooking modes pressure, traditional, keep warm and reheat. Furthermore, it features an intuitive and intelligent control panel that guides users through its four (4) menus: Ingredients, Recipes, Manual and Favorites.

It also allows cooking in “manual mode”ideal for those who choose to make their own preparations, as it is possible to choose the cooking mode and time.

Meanwhile, the “Favorites” option allows this Save every cook’s favorite recipesand the “Ingredient” menu indicates the procedure to follow to cook any type and weight of ingredient, such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and cereals, among others.

In total they are 150 pre-programmed recipes which include appetizers, first courses and desserts with a step-by-step guide so that users do not have to worry about cooking times and ingredient lists. and allows you to cook up to 6 people.

Atma's smart pressure cooker helps cook dishes up to twice faster than the conventional way. Atma’s smart pressure cooker helps cook dishes up to twice faster than the conventional way.

Also in this segment is Atma, the brand with the longest history in the small household appliances market in Argentina. Your pressure cooker has a power of 1000 W and capacity of 6 litres for more than 4 people, fast and energy efficient.

Through theirs 14 cooking programs, the Atma pressure cooker allows you to create different dishes and types of recipes. For each of them it is possible to select three modes: Strong, medium and standard. Even up plan with a maximum advance of 24 hours.

When cooking it is necessary to take into account the fact that the multifunctional pan is used fried with oil, stews and baked goods. Steam cooking and slow cooking. Programs for cooking meat, fish, rice, pasta and vegetables. Features for prepare yogurt, desserts and other types of pastries.

For example, pressure cooking helps cook dishes until twice as fast compared to traditional cookware, meaning you can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal in much less time. Additionally, pressure cooking preserves up to 95% of the nutritional properties of foods, making them a healthy option for everyday meals.

After following the steps in the recipe, all you have to do is press “Start” to get it started. It also has a depressurization buttonso that the steam can be removed safely and avoid burns.

One of the great advantages of this pressure cooker is its energy efficiency, since it allows it save up to 70% of electricity compared to other household appliances. Thanks to the integrated timer, the maximum consumption is 1 kW/h.

All-terrain thermos and companion

The intelligent eTermo has an electrical connection to transport it in a vehicle.The intelligent eTermo has an electrical connection to transport it in a vehicle.

In addition to the services that robots bring to the kitchen, mate fans also have smart devices that replace not only other appliances, but also helps the pocket.

The renowned Peabody brand, which launched the first electric water heater that heats water in 2021, is its eThermonow it has gone further with an update to this version to also use it outside the home.

According to company sources, the novelty of this renewed eTermo was born from the feedback of its users, especially those who usually take it on trips.

The new eTermo has half a liter of capacity and allows heat water in almost any vehicle (car, truck, tractor, boat) as it has a 12V or 24V socket. Furthermore, like its predecessor, it is “all in one”.

Like a conventional thermos, Its use does not require any type of instructions.. One end of the cable connects to the eTermo and the other to the car’s cigarette lighter socket. Subsequently, the only button the product has is pressed, depending on the light and the number of presses on the function to be configured.

Once connected, the water can be heated to 3 temperatures: 75°, 90° and the new temperature of 40° degrees, ideal for preparing soups or a bottle for little ones. A subtle audible alert will indicate when the process is complete.

Another of its differentials is in the lid, which acts as an opaque, while the bulb is incorporated into the body of the thermos. Two advantages that go unnoticed and leave the user with the peace of mind of not forgetting anything when it comes to pairing.

eTermo On Road is developed with digital technology and film-type resistance. In fact its components reach a extremely compact product which combines solidity and portability in equal parts.

Electric Mate saves energy and yerba, according to its manufacturers.Electric Mate saves energy and yerba, according to its manufacturers.

He Electric companion It allows you to drink mate at any time of the day, without having to change the herb or heat the water thanks to its USB connection which facilitates transport and use on any compatible device.

Simply connect the USB cable to the base, which also acts as a wireless charger for iPhone and Samsun Galaxy “S” series cell phones, and place the Electric Mate on top. There the light will turn on automatically.

The stainless steel companion will keep the herb warm between 50 and 60 degrees 24 hours a dayallowing you to carry out other activities while leaving it at rest, to resume it whenever you want without having to change grass.

Due to its characteristics, this gadget will maintain its temperature 24 hours a day, allowing you to carry out other activities while it is left at rest, to be resumed whenever you want without having to change grass. In fact, not cooling reduces the number of times the water is heated during pairing and thus saves energy.

Likewise, its developers say so avoid wasting grassgenerating savings of up to 3 kilograms per month, according to the manufacturer, with a significant impact on reducing the carbon footprint.

Source: Clarin

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