An Argentine company offers 750 scholarships to learn programming

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An Argentine company offers 750 scholarships to learn programming

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A new way to learn to program. Image Pexels

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As part of its scholarly program launched in February, Aptugo, the only software development tool that enables visual and traditional programming, is opening a new call to access 750 scholars and learn to build software applications from beginning to end and without the need for prior knowledge.

On the first call for scholarships, the company received more than 15 thousand requests from all over the country and with the outside. In response to this high demand, they once again invite you to be part of their training and apply for scholarships by going to and completing the form there until all available place.

For those interested in participating in the training who are not scholarship holders, you need to enter the same site and find out the conditions to take part and complete the corresponding form. The deadline to apply is Friday May 6.

The course will begin on Monday, May 9 and take place every Monday and Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm All participants will have access to a free Aptugo license for a year to continue developing all kinds of software.

A software to expand creativity.  Aptungo photo.

A software to expand creativity. Aptungo photo.

Scholarship winners will be notified on Saturday, May 7th.

In a digitized world, it is increasingly necessary to democratize access to software development and that is why it is important to have free training opportunities, they pointed out from Aptungo.

“Our mission is to empower the next generation of developers. Through our courses, we seek to empower everyone who wants to do so, regardless of their prior knowledge, so that they can create their own applications.” , commented Gastón Gorosterrazu, creator and CEO of Aptugo.

The advantage of this software is that, without a solution expert or a code specialist, with a bit of ingenuity and dedication, anyone interested can become an application developer in a matter of weeks. In addition, the application This allows programming both visual and traditional.

“We want to train a new generation of Citizen Developers or citizen developers, giving them the tools they need to do, develop new job skills or digitize processes in their current jobs,” he said. said the executive.

What it consists of

It is an agile and practical tool.

It is an agile and practical tool.

Scholarship holders will participate in the course “Development of Applications from Start to Finish of Aptugo”. This is not a 500-hour bootcamp where you have to wait to see the first results.

Quite the opposite. This is an exercise that lets you build unique applications from scratch, thanks to a visual and intuitive method.

The course is 100% practical and collaborative learning, mimicking real teamwork scenarios and where any enthusiast, even without prior programming knowledge, can create their own software applications from scratch. after.

The course will be virtual live and It will consist of 15 classes of 2 hours each. and where all the necessary topics for full-stack software development will be discussed, in addition to promoting growth in other essential soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and creativity, due to the unique collaborative approach that presented of course.

Aptugo has a YouTube channel where free tutorials and Masterclasses are shared. So far in 2022, tutorials have received more than 55 thousand visits and the Masterclasses were seen by more than 15 thousand people.

“We were surprised by the results. More than 600 students have already started our live courses. Completion rates are double or triple in standard programming courses where students often fail at lack of results ”, Gorosterrazu added.

Source: Clarin

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