Mark Zuckerberg showed what the metaverse looks like from his new virtual reality headset

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Mark Zuckerberg continues its goal of launching metaversehis ambitious project that promises push the technological boundaries which offers us today Internet. For there he shared through his profiles on Social media the first video that brings us to the perspective your company has on this matter, Purpose.

The photos show the CEO and creator of the social network Facebook with a prototype of virtual reality headset Cambria and gesture in the direction of a interactive avataras a kind of virtual pet.

In his post on Instagram and FacebookZuckerberg also announced the launch date of the Cambria project –it is at the end of this year 2022-, as well as some details of its operation.

Mark Zuckerberg conducted the first test using his Cambria mixed reality headset.  Photo: AFP.

Mark Zuckerberg conducted the first test using his Cambria mixed reality headset. Photo: AFP.

This high-end virtual reality device incorporates that technology improves the contrast of colors in the real worldas can also be seen in the demo.

The potential of this technology can be assessed soon with experience The Beyond the World, designed using the Presence platform. “This is the first look at mixed reality through our upcoming headset, Project Cambria,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his post.

He added: “This demo was created using Platform presencewhich we created to help developers create mixed -reality experiences that blended the physical and virtual worlds. The demo will soon be available in the App Lab”.

The development of Project Cambria, the obsession with Mark Zuckerberg

A render of the Project Cambria helmet, the latest in virtual reality from Meta.

A render of the Project Cambria helmet, the latest in virtual reality from Meta.

The formation of the metaverse, the good Meta bet, will also depend on having hardware to access this new virtual environment, as executive director Mark Zuckerberg explained at the company’s stage presentation in October.

Meta has been working with one of those groups, known under the name of cambria project, a virtual reality helmet designed to experience mixed reality, where this Thursday he shared the first specific details. Last week it was also learned that the company would be launching another three virtual helmet models in subsequent years.

In the video, the CEO of Meta appears to be wearing one of these visors, albeit pixelated, which prevents knowing its design. The only thing that stands out is that it is black.. It is known that this is a high-end device, which will be available at the end of the year and will offer color contrast to improve the virtual experience, as announced in a statement.

The demo gives a first taste of what can be done to the viewer. In particular, the shared experience, presented in first person, was designed using the platform presenceY lets you interact with virtual elements in the real worldsuch as playing with a pet, writing a note in a notebook or following a yoga class with a monitor accompanied by the user in the form of a hologram.

The company will “soon” make the Presence platform available to developers with the next version of the development kit (SDK). It will also release a demo app for Quest 2, The Beyond the Worldwhich will allow users of this helmet experience mixed reality.

With information from La Vanguardia.


Source: Clarin

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