How the Argentine platform of virtual assemblies works, which also grows in the post-pandemic

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How the Argentine platform of virtual assemblies works, which also grows in the post-pandemic

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Assembling has other kinds of features than Zoom, the usual virtual meeting platform.

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Before the pandemic, hardly anyone would have thought of doing a virtual assembly; however, the impossibility of face-to-face meetings has led consortia and organizations to adapt to this new need without obligation, using video calling platforms or specific tools for remote assemblies.

One of these platforms, which quickly became the market leader, is, a startup born in the Municipality of La Plata founded by Leandro Bogetti, Maximiliano Cruz, Pablo Subías, Federico Postiglione and Juan Pedro Prates.

Quickly, in full ASPO, the business grew exponentially, covering the entire national territory, with expansion to other Latin American countrieswhich is the market they are targeting.

“It was an impressive volume of work during the pandemic, because many organizations, in the urge to hold their assemblies, came looking for us after having bad experiences with clear and simple video calling,” he says. Leandro BogettiVice President of the company and responsible for Infrastructure, Blockchain and Security.

He adds: “When the restrictions on meetings were released, the consultations went down and this changes the commercial format, as now you have to go looking for clients.”

Virtual and face-to-face: how mixed assemblies work

Assemble is a La Plata startup born in the pandemic.

Assemble is a La Plata startup born in the pandemic.

When asked about post-pandemic business, Federico Postiglione (Co-founder and Marketing Director) replies that the novelty, which is here to stay, is the mixed assemblies.

Pure virtuality is probably not an option if there are no restrictions, but the new mode has tremendous potential. Customers who have used the tool in virtual mode out of necessity, hire us again even if they can do it in person, which means that they have been able to notice the advantages of this new mode, in neater, more transparent and shorter assemblies.

As they always say, the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses and new ways of working are here to stay.

“The need for customers has made it easier for us to break that cultural barrier and that they can try the platform. Customers today appreciate this new way of assembling, “he comments Maximilian Cruz.

“Mainly those complex organizations, which vote by coefficients, companies with different types of shares or with many powers, large organizations such as clubs, cooperatives, trade unions or professional associationsthat in addition to the speed of the vote, they obtain significant cost reductions compared to a face-to-face assembly “, he adds.

“We knew we had to adapt quickly to the post-pandemic period, so we worked with the mixed, hybrid and face-to-face modesthat we were able to launch them on the market at the end of 2021. These modalities also force us to rethink the commercial scheme, as they require local assistance, ”he adds. Juan PratesCEO of Assemble.

And he closes: “It is for them that we have begun to replicate the partnership program, which we use in other countries, but at a national level. It is a franchising system, we associate with law firms, accountants, notaries or consultants with a local presence in each province and we collaborate with an exclusivity agreement “.

Source: Clarin

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