A man who killed his child could be executed without knowing it

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In Oklahoma, United States, lawyers and the state are facing each other over the conviction of Benjamin Colea man who brutally killed his child in 2002 and is expected to be executed on October 20.

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Cole’s defense claims the man is unable to know they will kill him. In that case, the Supreme Court should not allow its execution.

Secondly, judges say Cole is a “manipulator” with personality disorders that yes or yes he should suffer the death penalty.

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Lawyers against judges

Tom HirdCole’s lawyer, criticized the judge’s decision not to grant his client a court hearing that would have allowed a jury to decide whether he was eligible to be executed, The Mirror reports.

For Hird, the killer suffers from schizophrenia caused by brain damage and other factors, such as child abuse. “He just doesn’t have a rational understanding of why Oklahoma is trying to manage it,” Hird said.

Apparently, Cole doesn’t interact with his representatives because “he can’t communicate or take care of his most basic hygiene.” They say he crawls around his cell, he suffers from ailments and pulls his teeth.

Mike Hoganthe Pittsburgh County District Judge disagreed with the killer’s attorneys.

Both he and the district mayor relied on an analysis by a psychologist from Cole’s Oklahoma Forensic Center, who found that the inmate could understand that he would be executed.

The Board of Pardons and Paroles rejected Cole’s attorneys’ clemency appeal with four votes to one. The group defending the accused will appeal against this decision.

brutal murder

Cole was playing a video game when he killed his nine month old daughter, Brianna.. The incident occurred in 2002. She did it after the girl started crying and stopped him.

Cole grabbed her legs, bending her body back, breaking her spine in half. This ripped off his aorta.

After killing his daughter, Cole continued to play his video game.

At the clemency hearing, Brianna’s uncle said he “can’t understand” what the man did to his daughter.

The death penalty in Oklahoma

Lately, Oklahoma has faced repeated criticism for failed executions. Most have to do with drugs used for lethal injection and a lack of transparency in executions..

The state stopped the executions in 2014 after the killer Clayton Locket writhing in pain for 43 minutes after he was injected with the drug midazolam. In fact, Cole was to be executed the following year.

Support for the death penalty remains the opinion of the majority in Oklahoma and the rest of the United States. Oklahoma executes more people per capita than any other state in the country.

Source: Clarin

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