The young man with ASD managed to get his driver’s license at the age of 26

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A young man with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) recounted the great obstacle he managed to overcome and generated emotion on social media: At 26 he managed to get his first driving license. Francisco Garay, who lives in Antofagasta, Chile, was moved to tell the story. “I was able to overcome a challenge,” he said.

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Garay recalled being encouraged by another application driver. He said he took a vehicle one day and there the driver told him he had Asperger’s. At that moment Francisco proposed to himself to get a driver’s license.

Francisco pointed out that one of the main difficulties in learning to drive a vehicle was nervousness.since “at first it was a bit difficult for me when my dad was training me on the beach, because it made me nervous, but I got over it. I learned to stay calm, and of course there is a key factor in driving, which it has to do with keeping the five senses super alert, and for that you have to strengthen your willpower. “

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“I wanted to share this goal, because I felt very good, due to my autism condition, which many people associate with a disease, even if it is not, which is a condition you were born with, “Garay said, assuring that this” was not a impediment to achieving my goals “.

The young pilot also said that “I would really like people with autism, as a result of my case, to think about overcoming themselves. It can be achieved if there is a will; you have to strengthen your willpower.”

Francisco explained that he had to prepare for weeks to get his license. And it was complicated: he had to take the theory exam three times, but he managed to achieve his goal. He trained an entire summer for this.

“Tolerance at the wheel has been lost, when people drive they are very frustrated, when the important thing is to arrive safely at their destination. However, yes, at first it was a bit difficult for me when my dad trained me on the beach, because it made me nervous, but I got over it, “he recalled.

What is autism and when to consult

Although only after the 2022 census there will be official data, it is estimated that in Argentina About 500,000 people have some degree of autism spectrum disorderwith a higher prevalence in men than women (in a ratio of almost 5 to 1).

Beyond the figures, the perception that there is an increase in the number of cases has begun to increase in recent years.

However, specialists attribute this phenomenon to two problems: on the one hand, the increase in suspicion, driven by greater knowledge of this condition, and on the other, the need to detect it early to start an early approach, which improves the evolution.

Autism spectrum disorders are a developmental disability that can cause social, communication, and behavioral problems.

The fact that certain patterns of maturation do not manifest at the expected age (such as the lack of a social smile, the poverty of language or the difficulty in sustaining communication with the eyes), the persistence of repetitive or stereotyped behaviors and a narrow range of interests are some of the signs that can raise suspicions about this neurodevelopmental disorder.

In addition, the loss of previously achieved patterns, such as not saying some words or losing eye contact with the interlocutor.

The condition may be evident from early childhood or later, when the demands of the environment increase with growth and social integration.

Source: Clarin

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