Seven years later, Donald Trump is running for a new nomination, but things have changed

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When it strikes 9 a.m. at his Mar mansion in Largo, Florida, surrounded by guests, supporters and reporters, Donald Trump will likely announce his candidacy this Tuesday in the 2024 presidential election, as he did seven years ago without anyone betting too much on him at the time. It’s still…

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Today things have changed compared to seven years ago. Trump is going through a moment of political vulnerability, ignoring calls from some Republicans to hand over the baton after his protégés’ poor performance in the midterm elections.

However, He’s no longer the “jester” of reality shows, famous for his phrase “you’re fired!” (you’re fired), which he yelled at his company’s interns, on the TV show “The Apprentice”.

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New season

There won’t be any gilded escalators this time, but there won’t be sneering laughter either, he writes. Peter Baker, the White House correspondent for the New York Times.

Donald Trump is expected to launch another presidential campaign Tuesday night, but the world has changed drastically from the first. This time the jokes will be discarded.

For Baker, seven years ago, Trump was seen as a goofy reality star willing to do it say scandalous things, even racist, turn heads, only to turn the political world upside down with an election victory that proved it the unbelievers were wrong.

Now he is the leader of a movement who dominated the Republican Party for years. However, with court subpoenas and recriminations flying, his hopes of replicating the surprise of his 2015 announcement they seem more problematic.

A champion to some, a danger to others

If seven years ago few really took Trump seriously, now everyone does, both his main supporters who see him and his fighting champion like the critics who see it as a existential threat for American democracy.

The defeat of several Trump-sponsored candidates in the last general election on November 8 and the fact that the Republicans did not get the election they could easily have won have raised doubts that Trump is in a weak moment.

lose strength

Also according to Baker, one of the main signs that Trump has lost political influence is that conservatives have demonstrated it they are more willing to criticize it.

There are signs of a Republican effort to alienate the party from the former president. Republicans have flocked to television shows to declare that there is no longer a single party leader. Rupert Murdoch’s conservative media has increasingly lashed out at Trump, calling him a “The Republican Party’s Biggest Loser.”


The scale of Trump’s problems was reinforced on Monday. They are not just politicians. but also legal. Take on a possible contempt after failing to comply with a subpoena from the January 6 committee (investigating the storming of the Capitol).

Court reports documented the struggle over government documents Trump took with him when he left office, while a congressional report described how foreign nations spent lavishly at his Washington hotel while he was in office.

And there’s more. His once deferential Vice President Mike Pence, who is publishing his memoir Tuesday, said in a new interview that Trump had been “reckless” the day of the riots in the Capitol.

trump no longer the undisputed presidential candidateaccording to polls taken after last week’s disappointing midterm elections for Republicans.

show yourself in front serious competition potential of Governor Ron DeSantis, who won a landslide re-election victory in Florida, if he decides to run.


A YouGov poll proved it DeSantis led Trump among Republicans, 42% to 35%., while a poll by the Texas Republican Party indicated that DeSantis led among Republicans with 43% versus 32% for Trump. Other polls by the conservative Club for Growth showed DeSantis conducted in four states.

Despite everything, the Republican millionaire promised a “big announcement” at his luxurious residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida at 21:00 local time, 23:00 in Argentina.

After thinly veiled hints, the content is intuition.

His adviser Jason Miller promised a “very professional, very formal” statement.Even if the former president should be surrounded by a group of supporters “with placards”.

But Trump is unpredictable and You might change your mind at the last minute.

With information from the New York Times and AFP

Source: Clarin

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