World Cup in Qatar: What Argentine TV coverage will look like, with dispatches and 24-hour live coverage

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Start Qatar World Cup and the TV is already ready to tell the twenty-second World Cup in history, the first in the Middle East. Lionel Scaloni He has already given the 26 players who will represent the Argentina national teambut the TV has another list: that of sports signals that travel to Doha to cover the alternatives of an always exciting competition.

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The 64 matches of the World Cup will be broadcast from public television Y TyC Sport, that the matches have been spread out in a large grid showing which one is ahead for each, including the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final. The state channel will have something extra: the exclusivity of the opening match. Of course, both will go to the Argentina national team at the same time whenever they have to play, the three matches of the group stage and what could happen as the tournament progresses.

With a more regional aspect, DirecTV will also offer all matches from the World Cup. To these must be added the proposals of journalistic and direct quality that it will have ESPN, Star+, TNT Sports and the public sign of Deport TV.

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He will take care of the production of the event tournaments, a leading company in the sports entertainment sector, which will have its tenth World Cup experience and expects to involve around 150 people in the areas of operations, technique, production and graphics, among others. And part of the team has already been in Qatar since the end of October to carry out all the tasks necessary for the realization of the biggest event in world football.

tournaments is responsible for the integral production of all World Cup matches that can be seen through DirecTV (DSports), TyC Sports and Public TV, according to the programming of each signal. FIFA’s technical standards are among the highest on the market and require 42 cameras for each match, including 13 Ultra HD, 8 Super Slow Motion, a drone, a helicopter and three specific cameras to cover activities near the stadiums. In addition, 20 Live U cameras will be available for special coverage and to capture the most important moments during the competition. An estimated 10,000 kilos of equipment, including cameras, lenses, arrays and switchers, commonly used for this type of operation, were shipped.

Public television and a federal proposal

Public Television will highlight Sunday 20 from 10 in the morning with the broadcast of the opening party, the one preceding the duel between Qatar and Ecuador, the first match of the world Cup.

The team responsible for each national team match will consist of Pablo Giralt, Matías Martin, Ángela Lerena, Sergio Goycochea, Miguel Tití Fernández and Sofía Martínez. In the remaining meetings, the previous ones will be added and in the special expeditions from the Public Television studio in Qatar Gustavo Kuffner, Miguel Osovi, Pablo Ladaga and Lola del Carril. From Buenos Aires, you will be Gabriela Previtera.

The state channel will also have the Fiesta Argentina en Qatar in its programming, with the show by Cyrus and the Persians at the Katara Amphitheater, Sunday 27 November.

As for the special programs, Sunday 13, every day from 18:00 to 19:30, the Afternoon of the World Cup has begun. And from 20, from 23:00 to 24:00, World Cup Night will be added, the second daily news broadcast together with Goyco, Lerena and Tití. And here is a peculiarity. In these programs will participate journalists of public channels of the country Esteban Parovel of Canale 11 of UshuaiaGonzalo Reyes and Pedro Fraire, from Channel 10’s Cordoba; Carlos Monsalve of Radio and Television of NeuquenPablo Brunella, Carlos Roldán, Eric Ginel and José Elías Jiménez of Channel 10’s Tucuman and Martin Rodriguez of Uruguay.

Public TV coverage will include “The Scaloni Era”a proposal that will trace the life and career of the former footballer who reached the top of world football by managing the Argentine team; “32 illusions”, a series of eight chapters of one hour each in which Sergio Goycochea will tell how the path of the 32 teams that will compete in the Championship has been. Finally, there will be new episodes of “Lion World”the first and only program dedicated exclusively to the history and career of Lionel Messi, the greatest idol of world football today.

TyC Sports with a colossal distribution

At his seventh consecutive World Cup, the selection channel moves to Doha to share extensive coverage starring Lionel Messi and the national team, with live broadcasts of all Argentina matches, live TV coverage of others 32 tournament matches and 24 hours of daily programminglive, with all the details of Qatar 2022.

The excitement in every match in Argentina will be provided by stories and commentary from Rodolfo Depaoli and Ariel Senosiain. Accompanied by Gaston Edul and the journalistic team that makes the national cast a personal brand, Depaoli and Senosiain will make the audience vibrate with the passionate style that characterizes them.

In each match in Argentina, TyC Sports will have at its disposal a production mobile phone, seven different camera positions for the official broadcast of the event and one camera for exclusive monitoring of Lionel Messi, as well as positions on the playing field for the match preview. , in the stand area for stories and comments and in the mixed area for interviews and statements by the protagonists.

In addition to the national team matches, TyC Sports will televise another 32 group stage matches and the final rounds of the World Cup live with the best presenters and commentators of the moment.

In order not to miss any details of the World Cup, TyC Sports will broadcast 24 hours live from Doha with diverse information, analysis, pre and post match segments together with a news staff led by personalities of the stature of Gastón Recondo, Gonzalo Bonadeo, Daniel Retamozo, Horacio Pagani, Diego Díaz, Majo Lezcano, Pablo González, Hugo Balassone, Marcelo Palacios, Agustín Fantasia and Ariel Rodriguezrecent winner of the Martin Fierro Award for Best Sports Journalism Work 2021, among others.

Together with them, the channel’s team of journalists and reporters will travel through the different action points at all times, covering training sessions, interviews, information, the social and cultural life of the host country and the color and passion of the fans.

At the IBC, TyC Sports will have own study where a scenography composed entirely of LED screens of great visual impact will be set up and a lookout studio will be set up in the heart of Doha from where part of the programming will be broadcast with a panoramic view of the city.

It involves the full deployment of production to achieve the greatest coverage in the history of a World Cup 50 special envoys including journalists, producers and techniciansmore than 200 professionals sent from Buenos Aires and more than 5 tons of equipment including the technology to set up Central Control, Studio Control, editing, writing and production rooms, studio and outdoor cameras and mobile backpacks for the transmission.

In addition, all Argentina national team matches live, live broadcast of 32 matches of other teams and full coverage of the World Cup can be enjoyed on TyC sports game.

ESPN brings all its stars to Qatar

The world’s leading sports network presents exceptional 24-hour live programming dedicated to Qatar, with Sports Center as an information pillar. As usual, but given the big event of the year, the shows F12, F90, F360, Team F and Soccer 1 They will show fully focused coverage, with the best analysis and expert opinion of the stature of Miguel Simón, Diego Latorre, Oscar Ruggeri, Morena Beltrán and Luciana Rubinska.

In addition, the Signal will have three studios, special correspondents and seven live cameras spread across the Qatari venues and where the action and news take place.

On the other hand, several highly attractive shows like ‘This is Qatar’ are now exclusively available on Star+, hosted by Martin Souto; ‘F Táctico Qatar’, with Miguel Simón and Diego Latorre, and ‘Fanatics’, also directed by Souto. Furthermore, as part of the great special coverage of Star+, the presence of Sergio “Kun” Aguero.

ESPN’s 24 Hours from Qatar:

  • 12:00 F12, with Mariano Closs and team
  • 13:00 F90, with Sebastián Vignolo and team
  • 15:00 F360, with Gustavo López and his team
  • 17:00 Sports center
  • 6:00 pm Team F, four hour special after the last game of the day
  • 22:00 Football 1, with the summary of the games
  • 11:00 pm SportsCenter, eleven hour lineup with different newscasts, hosted by: German Paoloski / Alina Moine / Pablo Ferreira / Pablo Stecco / Máximo Palma and other talents.

DirecTV with Varsky, Macaya and all parts

In addition to producing more than 1,400 hours of own programming for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay, DSports will broadcast all 64 matches live and in 4K Ultra HD.

All content will also be available on the streaming platform DGO where its users will be able to access the interactive menu to choose the way to watch a game, obtain information, results and live statistics.

The match broadcast will be integrated with the original content of DSports, DSports 2 and DSports+, the interactive mosaic with its multi-camera proposal and the availability of summaries of each meeting to access the most important moments of each day. Participating Argentine, Ecuadorian and Uruguayan teams will have local stories and commentary to personalize coverage through the narrative of each game. Gustav Kuffner Y John Paul Varsky will take care of the story and comments of the Argentine matches, while Pablo Giralt will participate in the original sports signal productions. Enrique Macaya Marquezworld coverage record holder, with a constant presence from Sweden 1958 to today, will be part of the news team.

The information will be on DSports 2 through live mobile and training news, the broadcast of press conferences and exclusive programming with the participation of the entire staff of sports journalists. He will be the reporter in charge of the national team Frederick Rhodes.

For its part, DSports+ will have a multi-camera proposal so that the public can access all the color and behind the scenes of the World Cup with the possibility of interacting on social networks.

As usual in every FIFA World Cup, the interactive mosaic will be available in the service’s programming grid and will allow the user to select the way to follow a match through four cameras.

Source: Clarin

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