Netflix: the two-hour movie that doesn’t make you get out of your chair

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Netflix recently premiered a self-produced film ideal for lovers of thriller. It concerns “The Acquisition”a feature film Dutch directed by Annemarie van de Mond.

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titled “The seizure of power” in Latin American countries It was not received very well by critics.but he rose quickly in the positions most viewed on the platform from the day of its premiere.

What is “The Takeover” about?

It follows the plot of the film mel bandisona ethical hacker professional than after an errand he discovers a crime and is framed for murder. This way you should run for your lifesince she is persecuted and threatened by a mysterious organization.

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Main cast of “The Takeover”

  • Holly Mae Brood – Mel Bandison
  • Geza Weisz – Thomas Deen
  • Frank Lammers-Buddy
  • Susan Radder – Pink
  • Walid Benmbarek – Dries Daoudi
  • Noortje Herlaar – Linde Van Erp

Source: Clarin

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