A ‘fairy horn’ grows on the arm of a 91-year-old woman in Taiwan; Look

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Doctors in Taiwan recorded a rare case in a 91-year-old woman: the old woman has a growing horn-like formation. Four centimeters wide and seven centimeters long, this horn is known in the region as the ‘fairy horn’, Indian website DNA reports.

The disease is being treated at Xiuchuan Hospital in Changhua. Dr. Wong Hon Phin, this is a cutaneous horn, a projection on the skin made of compact keratin that hardens over time.

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The medical team noted that the patient, whose identity could not be determined, did not use any medication and did not have a history of sexually transmitted diseases.

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On Facebook, the doctor reported that the woman was advised to have surgery to remove the strange growth, but advised the family and young doctors to treat it with medication.

The doctor shared, “The young doctors were stunned when they saw it. What surprised me even more was the ‘Fairy World Reference Form’ submitted by family members.”

In Taiwan, locals associate any growths like this with fantastical demons and tales of magic, hence the disease was called ‘fairy horn’ by the patient’s relatives.

21.11.2022 10:37

source: Noticias

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