The story of the Chaco cumbia group that won a FIFA competition and will represent Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar

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His debut was in a World Cup. It happened in the middle of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. On a stage located in the heart of Resistencia, Chaco, the group played its first chords. It was in the preview of the first game that Argentina played in Rio de Janeiro. The first, but not the last. That cumbia group continued apace and today their path crossed again with another World Cup: north wind won a FIFA competition and will be the musical group that will represent our country in Qatar.

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The possibility arose earlier this year, when a friend of one of the group members who lives in Arab lands told them that FIFA had opened a registry where they were looking for the artist numbers of each country. to represent the 32 teams.

They signed up, filled out the form with group information, sent videos of their shows and photos. They have waited. Incredulous, they never imagined that more and more data would be required as the months went by. the dream has grown.

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Confirmation finally arrived in the form of an email. north wind had been selected as the marching band to entertain and set the pace of previous national team matches.

“We couldn’t believe it. Our representative called us, who was the one who took over the whole negotiation, and told us that everything was agreed. We received our work visas on Thursday and arrived in Qatar on Monday“, says Marcos Parvanoff, one of the members, still excited.

He says none of the six who will travel (five group members plus the rep) could fall into the reality of what it will be like to attend such a sporting event.

“Ever since the news reached us, I’ve had glimpses of what could happen. I imagine the party, the Qataris dancing the cumbia twirling handkerchiefsthat our music is listened to by people all over the world. Everything is very big, very beautiful“says Mark.

They are all football fans. Three Boca fans and three more from River. None of them have ever seen a live match of the Argentina team. Nor have they traveled to a World Cup. Now they will be a key part of the show.

The contract they have signed with FIFA includes the main participation in the Fan-Fests on the days Argentina plays. The first presentation will be on Tuesday 22, on the stage outside the stadium for supporters and supporters.

In other words, they already have three guaranteed shows. But they will also be on other days in different places around Doha. “Our presence will be in all the matches of the first phase. But then there is the possibility that If the Selection advances, there is an offer to stay longer“, They say clarion.

north wind is an established band from the Litoral. Trained in the city of Resistencia, he is part of the new cumbia scene in his eight years of experience, with his own songs and also with the classics of the style.

In 2014 they created the band’s anniversary party, “El Cumbiodromo” and since then it has been held every year with more than 5,000 people in each edition and with guest artists such as KarinaLuke Sauce, The TotoraMiss Bolivia, among others.

For Qatar they say they will bet on the covers: “Let’s think in half-hour shows at full speed. One hooked on one theme after another with some interventions in between such as animation. We trust that people will like it so much that they will ask us to stay longer“, Marcos is enthusiastic.

A World Cup that doesn’t just talk about football

The organizers promise that, given the proximity of the stadiums and the fact that the matches are played in the same city, the World Cup they have a concentration of fans unique in its history. Then all shows will have little distance from each other.

Official information from FIFA indicates that the festival will include more than 90 special events that will take place outside the tournament. The main shows will have giant screens where all the games, music festivals, cultural exhibitions and street performances will be seen.

The main entertainment offer of the country during the World Cup it will be the promenade known as the Corniche, a place that offers the possibility to get one of the best views of the city. there they promise a carnival atmosphere along its 6 km route, which extends from the Sheraton Hotel to the Park Museum of Islamic Art.

It will have traveling shows, cultural activities, food and wine stands and outlets. Thousands and thousands of people are expected to walk the waterfront every day.

Fans attending matches will experience endless entertainment in the vicinity of the eight stadiums.

The Last Mile Cultural Activation, which is the contest won by the band Chaco, it will have more than 6,000 functions in 21 locations. Special highlights will include visual arts, crafts and heritage, fashion and design, performing arts, music and film screenings.

Source: Clarin

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