How is the presence of the Angels manifested?

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Heavenly creatures, the Angels are the God’s messengers on earth. His mission is to protect us and connect us with the mission we have come to fulfill in this life.

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Even though we know they are spiritual beingsThey are always around us. From the moment we are born, they accompany us in our evolution, assisting us in all our needs and problems.

And if we have faith in themwe will be able to see theirs earthly manifestations. It is only necessary that our Higher Self is in tune with them and with God: so we will be in continuous contact with them through the universal mind.

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But a question immediately arises: how can we connect us with them and understand their signals?

How is the presence of the Angels manifested?

we all have a Guardian angel that accompanies us at all times and uses different signals to get in touch with us.

In this sense the angels We deliver your messages in several ways. It could be a inner voice that tells us that something is right or not; Or it can even be some comment or notice from someone we never thought could advise us or is not so connected with us.

On the other hand, some say that if we find a pen in an unusual place, it is probably a angelic manifestationindicate The opinion. These can be colored white, gray or brown and each of them has a different meaning.

The whiteFor example, they reflect that we are on the right track or, if we are in a bad time, it means that things will change soon.

The greyfor their part, indicate Attention and they advise us to return to what is indicated in our destination if we are moving away from it.

Finally those of Brown color notify us. According to the medium, we are probably having bad thoughts and a heavy energy invades us, which is why they emphasize it our Angel is protecting us.

Presences, lights and sounds

It can also happen that we feel the presence of the Angels in a particular way, such as if something or someone accompanied us or was he with us even though we were alone.

see lights like small flashes, appearing and disappearing, is another sign of the divine presence. They can appear both day and day and can and can be of different colors depending on the Archangel who is communicating with us, indicates The opinion.

Naturally, in this case, they are usually perceived by those who have a high spiritual degreethat is, they usually meditate, do rituals or invoke them.

In addition to music and some sounds -like the one with the bells- can also indicate the presence of Angels around us. In this case, the answer we’re looking for could be in the lyrics of a song.

As for the tolling of bellsit is a message from the Angels that tells you We’re on the right path or that what we are thinking of doing is the right thing.

Who are the Archangels

The archangels They are present in all religions: the Bible, the Koran and even Hinduism mention them. Through a ritual, we can “call” them to ask for the protection or help we need.

The 7 Archangels I am Miguel, Jofiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel and Zadkieland everyone has a day and a color.

Here, a guide to summoning them.

Source: Clarin

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