Jennifer López deleted her Instagram account, does Ben Affleck have anything to do with it?

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The “Diva of the Bronx”, Jennifer Lopez, has surprised her followers on social media delete all your content from your Instagram account and change your profile photo to a black picture for no apparent message or reason.

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The 53-year-old singer’s account remained empty and on alternative social networks such as Twitter and Tik Tokshe also used black photography, Facebook being the only one different for sharing a dark image with her handwritten signature: “Jennifer Lopez.”

This surprised his thousands of followers who started speculating why he did it.

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Why Jennifer Lopez deleted her Instagram content

New project, excellent marketing strategy“Wrote Miguel Angel, a follower of the singer who, among many others, They showed their surprise and desire for new news about Lopez’s artistic work.

Two weeks ago, the singer of “Love costs nothing” began the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of his album: “This is me, then“, released on November 25, 2002, then many assume their absence in the networks has something to do with said celebration.

The album was also very significant for the actress as some of the songs were born out of the inspiration her incipient life had brought her. romance with actor Ben Affleck, with which he will engage the same year of the album’s release.

Among these songs are “Dear Ben” or “Jenny from the block“, the latter had a controversial video that chronicled the paparazzi’s persecution of their romance and in which the actor of “Hunting for goodwill“of 1997.

However, two years later, López would announce through a statement that the relationship had come to an end and only 17 years later the couple dubbed by fans “Bennifer” have resumed their romantic relationship, solidifying their love with an intimate wedding in Las Vegasin July 2022.

López currently has 15 million followers on Tik Tok, 226 million on Instagram, over 45 million on Twitter and 60 million on Facebook.

How is Jennifer Lopez currently doing with Ben Affleck?

According to some rumors, the couple was going through a marital crisis and both confirmed the opposite, because they celebrated three months of marriage and were more united than ever on social media. Something that has now been cancelled.

In one of the latest videos posted on Instagram by Jlo, lovers are shown on a plane next to a viral audio in which a child mentions “I did it! I have found the person who makes me happier than I could be”.

At the beginning of the recording, the two are serious, until Ben can’t help himself and smiles at the Bronx diva.

After saying ‘yes’, the couple of the year stopped exposing themselves in front of the paparazzi and, in fact, ‘Bennifer’ fans thought they were having a tough fight.

But J Lo commented in a radio interview that they’ve learned not to show their personal lives on camera, after everything they went through in 2002.

The mother of the protagonist of “Marry Me”, Guadalupe Rodríguez, feels very happy with the singer-songwriter’s marriage to Affleck. In an interview with the program La Vista, together with Sunny Hostin, she revealed that her daughter was finally back in the arms of the great love of her life.

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Source: Clarin

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