Uruguay in Qatar 2022: why he earned the nickname “charrúa claw” and what is the celestial origin of his shirt

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Surely many have heard the nickname that accompanies the Uruguayan football team everywhereeven more right now than Qatar World Cup. If there’s one way to instantly recognize this team, it’s by name. “charrua”.

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Likewise, although it is widely known, not everyone knows where this nickname comes from. Normally, the name “charrúa” is accompanied by the word “claw”as something that describes team drive.

What does “charrua” mean?

According to several historians, the Charrúas were one of many indigenous peoples who inhabited the Uruguayan countryeven before the formation of the state itself.

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The first uses of that expression to refer to someone from Uruguay date back to early 20th centurybut he finished consolidating himself in the world of football after the Uruguayan triumph in the 1950 World Cup final in Brazil.

Gerard Caetanoa Uruguayan historian, describes this nickname as the possibility that aA small country could rise up and beat a bigger rivalas happened in that World Cup final.

The meaning of “charrúa claw”

One of the main characteristics of the Uruguayan football team is Claw. The will and the constant push of the team for continuing to play at a high level knowing the game was won it is something extraordinary in the selection From Uruguay.

Mistaken many times this nickname has been related to alleged violence on the playing field, as if the chosen one has a tough game. However, the nickname speaks of the commitment that the players have with the shirt and the responsibility that comes with representing your country in the sport.

Why is the Uruguay shirt blue?

The color was defined in 1910after a match between River Plate of Montevideo and the circle pupils from Argentina. Since both sets had one outfit red and whiteit was decided that The river will change color to blue. After this team’s victory, it was decided that the The Uruguayan national team will wear these colours.

Source: Clarin

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