Brazil in Qatar 2022: what is the origin of the nickname “Scratch” of the selected

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To the Brazilian selected of men’s soccer is nicknamed “Scratch for Gold” since the 1950s after winning their first World Cup title in Sweden in 1958. Brazil are the team that has participated the most in the FIFA World Cup and have never lost one. This year it celebrates its 22nd participation in Qatar 2022.

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The origin of its nickname is due to the fact that the journalists who followed the matches were struck by the beautiful football practiced by the team with a Pele that amazed the world. The style of play practiced by the team led by Vicente Feola included big names such as Garrincha, Zagallo, Djalma Santos, Moacir, Vavá, among other historical figures.

The football that Brazil played in Sweden in 1958 was of such a good standard that they were nicknamed the Gold scratchwhich refers to a technique used by a DJ to mix the top-down movement of a record called a “scratch”, in the same way as the Jogo Bonito with the ball.

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Other nicknames of the Brazilian national team

In addition to Scratch du Oro, the Brazilian team has two other nicknames that serve as a reference to name them around the world: green yellow Y Canarinha.

green yellowIt refers to the result of the combination of its flag’s colors: green and yellow. While the translation of Canarinha In Spanish it means yellow, like the uniform they have worn since 1954, designed by Aldyr Schlee.

Source: Clarin

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