Netflix: Robert De Niro is the protagonist and is one of the most anticipated series

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It’s been a long time since fans of Robert Deniro They might see it on TV. From “The Wizard of Lies”a TV movie 2017 directed by Barry LevinsonDe Niro has devoted his career to acting cinematic films.

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This week Netflix has announced that it is developing a New seriesstarring nothing more and nothing less than the winning actor of two Oscars. Likewise, the manufacturer didn’t provide much information about the projectexcept his name: “Day Zero”.

What is known so far about De Niro’s new series?

Netflix hasn’t given many details about the launch of the series, but it has confirmed it Eric Newmann will be the lead showrunner. The producer, known for works such as “Narcos” and “The Watcher”, is a faithful collaborator of the production house of red N and was chosen to carry out this new project.

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It will be another of the developers of “Zero Day”. Noah Oppenheimcurrent president of the chain NBCNews. You have already worked on film scripts, such as “Jacky” Y “The Maze Runner”. He also joins her team Michael S. Schmidtwinner of Pulitzer prize.

Robert De Niro, former US president?

According to press leaks of the synopsis of ‘Zero Day’, it is believed that the protagonist of ‘Raging Bull’ and ‘Taxi Driver’ will play a former president of the United States in which it is wrapped dramatic political situations This will put your reputation on the line.

Robert De Niro’s latest works include films “Amsterdam”from David O RussellY “Wild Salvation”, where he plays a police officer who has to stop a drug addict seeking revenge. In addition, he prepares the premiere of the series “Whatever”directed by Mariano Cohn Y Gaston Duprat.

Source: Clarin

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