The heartbreaking confession of a 41-year-old woman that she may never have a partner

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One woman said she has never had sex in her 41 years of life. She wasn’t a lifestyle choice or a crazy promise, I just know that”forgot to have sex.”

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Even Michelle, what’s her name, doesn’t have much kissing experience: just kissed two men throughout his life. She also never dated on Valentine’s Day, nor was she kissed under the mistletoe at a New Years party.

However, Michelle does not give up the desire to lose her virginity and fully experience sex, like everyone else.

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Michelle’s harsh testimony could be seen on the FTA Virgin diaries. I feel like my virginity is not so much a choice as a choice. afterthought“, to define.

“You know the first time most people get the opportunity is in high school and I was a geek, a nerd and a bit silly,” she adds.

“Most people go to college, I don’t, I haven’t learned that social lifestyle, I was perfectly happy to go homewatching TV, maybe going to the cinema on the weekend with my mother.

However, Michelle hadn’t given up on her love life. I try to go on a few dates but they never come to anything. “I’ve only kissed two men and I’ve never seen a man naked“, He says.

“I tried to be in a relationship and it was something very important. Kissing him at the end of the night, but it was so scared I literally threw up”.

“It didn’t occur to me that the first time has to be perfect. It’s like having an extra finger or something, I just want to stop it and move on“.

A party to get rid of his “shame”

Michelle is convinced that keeping this “embarrassing” secret is partly her fault lack of sexual experience.

With this in mind, Michelle organized a “release partyto her friends and family to “explain her secret.” “I feel like I’m always hiding this secret,” she explains.

“I had the idea of ​​having a launch party because I thought it would be a good way to do it get everyone together and let them know i’m still a virgin“Michael says.

“I hope that publishing it will generate some interest, certainly I have no intention of dying a virgin at all“.

“From my previous dating experience, the issue wasn’t so much sex as secrecy. The act itself is scary, but I think I’m more afraid to tell anyone“.

When the time came, all of his family and friends fell silent and listened intently. the announcement I had prepared Michelle, extremely nervous. “When the words came out of my mouth, I couldn’t look at anyone,” she said.

But to his surprise, his friends and family they greeted the news with applauseand some guys have even told Michelle that they find her virginity “sexy.”

Overjoyed, Michelle concludes: “Having this secret out in the open will do you good my love life is easier because it will no longer be a secret.

Source: The sun

Source: Clarin

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