“The Naughty Officer”: the story of the police officer suspended for opening an OnlyFans account

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“Good Girl Goes Bad” (Good girl gone bad). This way is known sam helenaa London Police Officer who has been raising the temperature of the Force from his social networks for some time now.

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Now, the young woman, who’s twenty and has her own policewoman emoji with a purple devil– took it a step further: he opened an OnlyFans account in which he calls himself “The Bad Officer”.

But the double life -uniform by day, softcore pornstar by night- was bound to get him in trouble.

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And so it was that his last action became the straw that broke the camel’s back. The authorities immediately they suspended her of his duties and did not hesitate to do so leave.

However, you could still be accused of “grave fault” from their bosses.

Who is “The Bad Officer”?

Two years ago, sam helena I had already received some “warnings” by her bosses when she uploaded a lewd video to TikTok that showed her tongue sticking out while wearing her uniform, she said the sun.

Even so, nothing was enough to stop the young woman from leaving her erotic project and became, definitively, “The Naughty Officer”. So much so that he published a video It shows her wearing a sexy navy blue corset, police badge, and name tag.

Eventually, the authorities decided to take action when she launched her own adult site onlyfansoffer high voltage live footage for cash and highlighting his role as a police officer.

According to the outlet, the young woman was suspended from her duties for allegedly defying the force and resigned.

“We are aware of the bill and the official, who tendered his resignation, was suspended. The Directorate of Police Professional Standards is investigating,” a Force spokesman explained.

What do your colleagues think?

Already from his “sexy antics” previous, the officer got the support of some colleagues.

However, there were others who spoke out against his nocturnal activities. “We all have right to private lifebut when you become a pc, you subscribe to the Ethical code‘said retired detective Mick Neville.

He detailed: “This stipulates ‘I will conduct myself in a manner, both within and outside the service, that does not bring the police service into disrepute or undermine public confidence in the performance of the police.’ This officer degraded her uniform by posing and pouting on social media.”

In this sense, the new commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, has promised to take Suppression of misconduct and misogyny in the force.

“Trust in the police is collapsing and every day is happening incorrect behavior by his officers. The last thing the commissioner needs is a naked agent calling himself a “bad officer” to add to his problems,” said the former agent.

How could it be otherwise, the news quickly went viral and many network users showed theirs support for junior officersassuring that the decision taken was an “unjust and disproportionate” measure against him.

Many of them even decided to support him by subscribing to his content on onlyfans.

Source: Clarin

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