The Italian film that is in the top 10 on Netflix and causes a sensation

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Netflix launched the Italian film “My Name is Vengeance”with Alessandro Gassman and Ginevra Francesconi, who tries to make a big impact on subscribers with this family seeking revenge.

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The production premiered on November 30, was led by cosimo gomez and has a script written by Sandrone Dazieri, Andrea Nobile and their director.

“My name is Vendetta” is currently one of the most watched movies streamed on the platform, and indeed, it is listed on ranked number 3 Top 10 from Netflix.

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Synopsis of “My name is Vendetta”

“In this action-packed drama, a former mafia hitman and his daughter flee to Milan to plot revenge against those who killed his family,” teases the official Netflix synopsis.

Santo, a former member of the mafia, seeks revenge on his past enemies after the murder of his wife and brother-in-law. During his trip to Milan, the protagonist brings with him a companion, his teenage daughter Sofía, and together they embark on this perilous journey.

Official trailer of the movie


  • Alexander Gasmann
  • Geneva Francesconi
  • rowing round
  • Practical Alessio
  • Francis Villano
  • Marcellus Mazzarella
  • Mauro Lamanna
  • Sinya Dieks
  • Luca Zamponi

Duration of “My name is Vendetta”

The film lasts a total of one hour and 30 minutes and can be enjoyed on Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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