Netflix: the love drama that has been censored and that will leave you speechless

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Netflix debuted this week adaptation of a famous novel, available worldwide on its platform. It concerns “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”from DH Lorenzo.

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Hero Emma Corrin, recognized for her role as Diana of Wales in the series “The crown”the novel that the red N production house adapts has been censored for many years in several countries for its explicit sexual content.

What is “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” about?

The story follows Connie Reidan upper-class woman who, due to her discontent with her marriage, begins an affair with the ranger of her property.

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The novel was written in 1928 by DH Lawrence, author of classics such as “The Rainbow” and “Children and lovers”, although it was only released uncensored in 1960. It caused quite a stir due to several very explicit sex scenes in the work, for which some countries decided to censor several adaptations, and even the novel same.

It was a very disruptive book for the time, given that there weren’t many writers used to writing this type of story, with such level of detail and attention to descriptions.

Main cast of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”

  • Emma Corrin – Connie Reid
  • Jack O’Connell – Oliver Mellors
  • Matthew DuckettClifford Chatterley
  • Joely Richardson – Mrs. Bolton
  • Ella Hunt – Mrs. Flint
  • Faye Marsay-Hilda
  • Anthony Brophy – Sir Malcolm Reid
  • Eugene O’Hare-Michaelis
  • Rachel Andrews – Lily Weeden
  • Sandra Huggett – Mrs. Betts

The estimated length of the film is 2 hours and six minutestaking into account the credits.

Film’s main production team

  • Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre – address
  • David Magee – screenplay
  • Elizabeth Gabler – production
  • Peter Czernin – production
  • Graham Broadbent – ​​production
  • Laurence Mark – production
  • Isabella Summers – soundtrack
  • Benoît Delhomme – cinematography

Source: Clarin

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