Dog love: Palomo, the dog who found his 84-year-old owner and waited for him at the hospital door

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The Sonora State Attorney General shared the story of “dog love” that saved the life of Don Goyo, a man who has been missing for a week.

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According to the report, it was the brown dog who was involved in the research, locate Fr Gregorio Romero, 84, in an uninhabited area, 3 kilometers from his home.

The elderly man was last seen at his home in the Cuervitos neighborhood on the afternoon of November 27., and when he became disoriented, he couldn’t return and got lost. After spending a week outdoors, his pet found him, along with security personnel.

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How Palomo found his 84-year-old owner

Ramona, the man’s niece, reported her missing Dec. 1 to the Cumpas Early Care Unit. According to the woman, her grandfather had gone to visit nearby villages for a couple of days, as on previous occasions, so she decided to wait.

However, she was concerned because her uncle had had memory leaks.

According to the prosecutor’s office, elements of the Ministerial Agency for Criminal Investigations (AMIC), National Guard, Municipal Police, Municipal Civil Protection and even a trained search dog.

On Sunday, December 4, Don Goyo’s pet, “El Palomo”, a two-year-old Creole breed dog, spokeaccompanied the authorities between hills, paths and ravines. And, thanks to the dog, the man was found.

Don Goyo was later transferred to a Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) hospital due to dehydration and malnutrition.

Meanwhile, outside the hospital, “El Palomo” patiently waited for his release to go home together.

It is estimated that the octogenarian will remain in hospital for several days to be stabilized.

“The unconditional love of his pet allowed Don Goyo to be reunited with his family, as it was ‘Palomo’ who led the authorities to where Don Gregorio was.the Sonora attorney’s office said.

Rescue Dog in Mexico: The Story of Frida

Rescue dog Frida, a symbol of hope in the 2017 Mexico earthquake and other international disasters, died last month of old age and with her has gone a symbol.

Dear Frida, even if your departure hurts us, today the Naval Family promises to honor your memoryacting under the legacy you have taught us: nobility, loyalty and love,” the Mexican institution posted on its official Twitter account.

The image of the bitch, dressed in her protective gear, it became a symbol of hope during the earthquakes that rocked Mexico in 2017 and has been replicated on dozens of posters, advertisements and even T-shirts.

The Secretary of the Navy, an institution to which he was linked, recalled that the honey-colored Labrador retriever was born on April 12, 2009. and completed his search and rescue training in a record eight months, when it usually takes 12.

Source: Clarin

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