Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet for a perfect physique at the World Cup in Qatar: permission, routines and secrets

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Cristiano Ronaldo never goes unnoticed, especially during the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Proof of this was the decision of the Portugal manager to bring him to the bench, as well as his future away from Manchester United and perhaps in a Saudi Arabian team. But a large part of his success, as well as his talent, has to do with a strict diet and physical labor.

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The striker who badly closed his contract with the English team shows his intact validity to the Bianconeri 37 years old. And he is for his companions and for the world an example of discipline and good health.

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Take one nap five times a day until you invest in one $70,000 cryotherapy chamber, are just some of the secrets to staying in impeccable physical condition that he told at the time. Next, let’s recall some of his secrets.

Six meals a day and pizza as permitted

CR7 ensures that the key to its success is a high protein diet and up to six meals a day.

“If you exercise regularly, it’s important to continue high energy levels to nourish your body and perform better,” the striker explained during a presentation years ago.

“I eat a high protein diet, with lots of whole grain carbohydrates, fruits and vegetablesand I avoid sugary foods,” she listed.

As she said, start the day with a varied breakfast of cheese, ham, low-fat yogurt, fruit or avocado on toast, and then eat every three to four hours.

If you visit a restaurant, choose a piece of meat and salad, while consider chicken “magic” thanks to its high levels of protein and low fat content.

His favorite dish is the Portuguese dish Bacalhau in Braswhich combines scrambled eggs with fried potatoes and pieces of cod, spread the newspaper Mirror.

According to the testimony of Portuguese team chef Luis Lavrador, Ronaldo has a penchant for fresh fish. “He eats all kinds of dishes like the responsible athlete he is, but what he likes the most is fish: dorado, swordfish or sea bass,” said Lavrador Le10Sport.

Beyond a strict discipline, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner occasionally a night off is granted. His permission is pizza. “Sometimes I eat one with my son. Because otherwise it would be very boring,” admitted the star.

Rowing, pilates and cryotherapy

Ronaldo’s physical preparation is not limited to his daily work with his soccer team’s team.

In his fabulous home he has a personal gym and swimming pool, and often posts photos on social media showing her routine. Weights, cardiovascular exercises like running and rowing, and Pilates sessions are a few.

It also highlights an aspect indicated ad nauseam: warm up the body first to avoid injury. “In training we do some laps, stretching and warm-up exercises,” she remarked.

For sports lovers, I recommend incorporate high-intensity testingas speed drills, in any training session, to reflect the game day experience.

And he gives advice to turn into a habit: “It can be done a abs workout in the room upon waking up in the morning or before going to bed“.

In its arsenal of equipment, the invaluable cryotherapy chamber came to light last year. For three minutes, liquid nitrogen lowers the temperature to just 200 degrees Celsius and helps relieve muscle pain, sprains and inflammation after a game. But be careful, it also alternates with a 20-minute hot bath in a hot bath.

No to alcohol, yes to fruit smoothies

Ronaldo drags a tragic family story. His father, José Dinis Aveiro, died at the age of 52 after a battle with alcohol.. And according to his mother Dolores, she had a strong impact on the footballer.

Cristiano has seen what alcohol and drugs can do to people close to him and it’s part of the reason why he became who he is today,” said the woman. And she stressed: “That explains why he has no vices. Does not smoke or drink. His addiction is football.”

Yes but enjoy fruit smoothies. He prepares quite curious mixes and everything is encouraged: from pear, apple and pineapple to mango and strawberry with banana.

They are also part of its hydration a sports energy drink. “It has a blend of stamina-boosting carbohydrates and is lower in sugar than most. And it contains electrolytes to help with hydration and vitamin B12 to fight fatigue“, describes CR7.

Get up early and take five naps a day

A good diet and lots of exercise are useless without a good night’s sleep. And Ronaldo appealed sleep consultant nick littlehaleswhich he recommends take five naps a day and stay away from electronic devices late at night.

Littlehales explained in statements to The independent What to do turn off the cell phone, television or any other screen an hour and a half before the athlete goes to bed. ensures that prevents the “blue light” emitted by the devices from “suppressing the sleep hormone melatonin”.

Sleeping well is really important to get the most out of training,” adds Ronaldo, who also always keeps a clean sheet and chooses the fetal position, as his guru points out.

“I go to bed early and get up early, especially before matches. Sleep helps the muscles recover, which is really important”, concludes the Portuguese champion. And you just need to see it to realize that, at least for him, it works.

Source: Clarin

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