Dina Boluarte, the new president of Peru, has made it clear that she will not call elections

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In an impromptu press conference, the new president of Peru, Dina Bolarteasked the press for “a truce”, answered some questions in which he referred to a possible call for elections and quoted the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who acknowledged having spoken to the detained former president Peter Castillo for political asylum.

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“We’re in doing correspondent office, and just like yesterday in Congress, I asked for a truce to be able to order us all. He will also thank the press for giving me a reprieve so that I can order and suddenly be able to give them first hand news. They will always have it from me ”, she began the presentation of her the first female president in the history of Peru and until yesterday vice president.

Before specifying that he would answer three questions, some from the international press, he added: “The circumstances in which this high responsibility was assumed were not the most optimal and that is why the emergency in which I find myself having to sending and providing to satisfy the needs of the country”.

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In the first question, the new president was asked how he found the presidential office. “The national prosecutor’s office intervened yesterday evening in the presidential office”, he said, specifying that he still does not have the name of the president or the president of the Council of Ministers.

Furthermore, Boluarte referred to a possible advancement of the elections: “I know that there are some voices that indicate an advancement of the elections and that it is democratically respectable. I believe that the assumption of the Presidency on this occasion is to redirect what must be do with the country Subsequently, in coordination with all the organizations, we will look for alternatives to orientate the destinations of the country”.

“The political instability in the country is not from now, it is from a long time ago. We have six presidents passing by,” said Boluarte, his hands in the pockets of his blue jacket.

Instead, they asked him about the Pacific Alliance summit, scheduled for December 14, and he quoted the president of Mexico, but made no reference to the request for political asylum.

“We hope that in any case and as he had offered, President AMLO, who had offered to come to Peru, can make it happen. Here we will wait for him with open arms and with the love of all Peruvians. And if not, we will make the delivery of the pro tempore presidency via zoom for Peru,” said Boluarte and withdrew.

López Obrador revealed that Pedro Castillo called him before being arrested to ask for political asylum

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed this Thursday that, before being arrested, the deposed Peruvian president Pedro Castillo called his office to ask for asylum, for which he ordered the doors of the Mexican embassy in Lima to be opened.

“He spoke to the office here so they would let me know he was going to the embassy, ​​but surely his phone had already been tapped,” López Obrador said in his daily morning briefing. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and asked him to speak with the Mexican ambassador in Peru to grant him a welcome at the diplomatic headquarters according to that country’s “tradition of asylum”.

However, shortly afterwards a mob of people opposed to Castillo went to the area where the Mexican mission is located to obstruct access in case he sought asylum.

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