Peruvian court orders precautionary detention of Pedro Castillo

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Peruvian Justice today ordered the precautionary detention of ousted president Pedro Castillo. The measure is valid for seven days. He was accused of rioting and conspiracy following a failed self-coup attempt when he tried to dissolve the Peruvian Congress.

“The Supreme Court of Preliminary Investigation, responsible for Judge Juan Carlos Checkley, has ordered seven days of preventive detention for former President Pedro Castillo, who is being investigated for riot (alternatively conspiracy),” the judiciary wrote on its Twitter account.

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Castillo will face his third impeachment request yesterday. Opposition congressmen guided the president’s withdrawal due to alleged “moral incompetence”. He tried to flee and call for new elections, but lost further support in the Legislature after the action.

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87 votes are needed to approve an impeachment, and there are only 80 opposition MPs. However, after the action described as a coup, the president voted 101 in favor of leaving power and was arrested yesterday.

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In the early afternoon (Peruvian time) yesterday, Pedro Castillo announced to the nation that he would dissolve the National Congress and form an “extraordinary emergency government” to call for new elections and then amend the country’s Constitution. Peruvian newspapers described the action as a coup attempt.

Congress stepped forward for several hours and discussed Castillo’s dismissal for approved “moral incompetence.” Shortly after, the then MP Dina Boluarte assumed the leadership of the country.

Meanwhile, Castillo entered a presidential protection vehicle with his wife and one of his daughters, and the then chief of staff. The target was unknown to the military, which carried out the presidential escort. Just halfway through, Castillo’s driver, Sergeant Josspeh Michael Grandez López, was told to go to the Mexican Embassy, ​​he reported to the National Police.

Minutes later, Grandez López received a phone call from General Iván Lizzeti Salazar, head of the state’s National Police, who ordered Castillo’s arrest for riot, abuse of power, and violation of power.

The driver, on order, stopped the perimeter and proceeded with the arrest of Pedro Castillo. He then took her to the Lima Municipality headquarters for due diligence.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said in an interview with Mexican TV that his country’s government would grant Castillo asylum. However, the Peruvian did not make such a request.

(with AFP)

12/08/2022 18:03

source: Noticias

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