Lourdes de Bandana has reappeared after being reported for gender-based violence

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lourdes from Bandana reappeared after the complaint of gender violence he made against his ex-partner, Leandro García Gómez, and assured that regrets making it public.

in dialogue with intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1:30pm) The artist recalled the event that took place in late November, when she shared a video on her Instagram account in which she was seen covered in bruises.

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“I came from playing in Mendoza with Virginia (da Cunha) after six years,” said the singer. “It was almost instantly from the violent episode that I went through,” he continued.

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And she assured that her former colleagues in the pop group that launched her to fame were in contact after the terrible episode of violence.

“They were the first to call me, including Valeria (Gastaldi),” he said.

Although he clarified that his former colleagues were aware of what was happening in his private life: “They still knew a little about the internship that was taking place.”

Subsequently, Lowrdez, which is his stage name, explained that he could not talk much on the subject and assured that there were other similar episodes that he had not wanted to publish.

The singer was honest and explained that at the time of uploading the aforementioned video to her Instagram profile, she was not so clear on the dimension that the matter could take and how far it could go.

“Inner Lourdes… I don’t experience what one thinks of ‘they recognize you everywhere’. That’s why I didn’t realize the greatness And if you go back there I would do it quietly because a very bad moment is continuing to repeat itself, ”he said.

“In other words, you say that if you had the opportunity, you would make a police report but you would not spread it through the media,” the Intruders reporter wanted to clarify.

“Totally,” replied the artist. “But don’t you think it benefits a lot of people that you say that?” insisted the notary.

“Well, I understood that yes. I realized that apart from this issue, we do not expose ourselves, rather, we are ashamed to do what we are supposed to do,” said the artist.

Furthermore, he admitted that there are many types of violence and that the problems with the ex partner had started for some time.

“What yes I want to emphasize is that I’m not alone. It happens to many women, many men and many people. I’m more than not taking the genre, but it’s a problem that concerns the human itself, “she clarified.

In turn, he spoke of the support and affection he has received since making the complaint: “This happens and what’s more, if you start paying attention, the human factor exists.”

“There are containment networks, the Judiciary and everything has treated me with incredible respect and affection,” admitted the former Bandana.

After assuring that people on the street treated her the same way, Lourdes said many people stopped her to tell similar stories and she was very surprised.

Regarding the fact that she received some kind of aggression after the complaint she made, the singer assured that this was the case and that it is one of the reasons why sometimes people do not dare to talk about these situations.

“Yes, there was hate… There are attacks for the sake of attacks. That’s why it’s also very difficult to dare to tell what’s going on or expose yourself like that” “I have a sadness and I have a lot of anger for not fighting, because I’m very sad, ”he said.

Source: Clarin

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