She brought lunch to her husband and found him “embracing” a colleague: “I didn’t expect it”

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A woman has viralized the image of her husband caught in the act while giving him a strong and affectionate hug to a colleague.

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Everything would have happened in the city of Tijuana when the woman decided to bring lunch to her husband’s workplace, the El Florido store.

Given the situation, interpreted as an act of infidelity, the woman decided to take revenge and not only take the photo but upload it to all her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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There the two men are seen dressed in some kind of blue suit in a shop, where one of them has his face on the other’s neck as if he were kissing his partner and has grabbed him by the waist.

The true story

The whole story was shared on Facebook by an account called Holy Milk. There she writes that “a lady found her husband in the warehouse of the El Florido store in a very suspicious situation with her butcher partner while she was about to leave him lunch, she told him that she only I was giving the Christmas hug, but she distrusted and said I didn’t expect that“.

It was no less because in the image it is clearly seen that one of the men was “nailed” to the other’s neck. Something that maybe was a passionate kiss in the warehouse.

Although the names of the people were not given, nor that of the alleged wife, it is not known whether it was a real thing or not. However, the comments on the post were hilarious.

@Sandrita Orvi commented, “I think I caught him off guard when he hugged him and he was falling so he had to hold him and that’s when they took their picture, nothing is what it seems to feel!”

While Erick Bavestrello Labra relativized the question and wrote: “There are people who prefer hugs from behind, I don’t see the drama of the issue“.

Danny González joked about the matter and slipped: “What’s up with that lady’s insecurities? The compass That kind of hugs we give each other without problems, moreover real men give each other kisses as compas, if there are three better”.

Monserrat Ramos was adamant: “Yuck! Your vato likes chilli, send it to the gum. Value yourself and love yourself a lot so you don’t allow that kind of teasing from that vato that has come out of the closet.”

Source: Clarin

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