He found naked photos of her on his stepfather’s computer: he drugged and killed him

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A woman found out that her stepfather treasured her photos where she is naked on his computer and the reaction was ferocious: he drugged and strangled him to death.

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The woman, whose name is Jade Janks and is from San Diego, California, United States, he has been arrested and now he is on trial for the murder for which he could receive a sentence of several decades.

For her part, Janks, who is an interior designer and is 39, denies murder and pleaded not guilty.

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Prosecutors say Janks killed 64-year-old Thomas Merriman on New Year’s Eve 2020 after seeing him I was using one of her nude photos as a screen saver On your computer.

“It wasn’t an accident. This was murderAssistant District Attorney Jorge Del Portillo said, adding that Janks suffocated Merriman with a plastic bag.

everything was discovered when a friend of the woman went to the police to report that Janks had called her for help but she had refused to get involved.

“Mrs. Janks she told her friend that she killed her stepfather. He told him, “I smothered him with a sack and drowned him.” She also told her that she gave him a lot of drugs,” said lead detective on the case, Lisa Brannan.

Police found Merriman’s body under trash bags outside the home.

The photographs were reportedly taken more than 10 years ago and were taken with Janks’ consent from her boyfriend. It is unclear how Merriman came to get them.

Source: Clarin

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