Home World News Political crisis in Peru: López Obrador asks to recognize Pedro Castillo as president

Political crisis in Peru: López Obrador asks to recognize Pedro Castillo as president

Political crisis in Peru: López Obrador asks to recognize Pedro Castillo as president

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Tuesday rejected allegations of “meddling” by Peru’s current government, but asked to recognize the presidency of Pedro Castillo when he claimed to have won the last election.

It is not an interference, not being there to do anything, our ambassador is doing his diplomatic work and it is the Office of Foreign Relations that is in charge of carrying out this process”, he declared in his daily press conference.

López Obrador replied to the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, which last Friday summoned the Mexican ambassador in Lima, Pablo Monroy, to convey his rejection for the “expressions of the Mexican authorities” which “constitute an interference in the internal affairs” of the Andean country.

Even so, the Mexican president rejected the ousting of Castillo, whom he still considers president of Peru, despite the Peruvian Congress removed him from office last Wednesday for “moral incapacity” and accused him of attempting a coup.

Argentina too

The Mexican sovereign cited the statement he released this Monday together with Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia in which “in accordance with international agreements, those responsible for the political leadership in Peru are invited toand respect the citizens’ vote”.

The government of Alberto Fernández joined an unexpected joint communiqué with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, from Mexico; Gustavo Petro, from Colombia; and Luis Arce, from Bolivia, in which they expressed their “deep concern at the removal and detention” of the now former Peruvian president.

We invite those who make up the institutions of refrain from overthrowing the popular will expressed through free suffrage”, They pointed out without explaining what they are looking for with it. The statement says nothing about Castillo’s decision to shut down Congress.

The president won, what the agreement provides is that the will of the people who elected him must be respected, recognizing that he won democratically and that he cannot be removed, that this originally, even if it is in the Peruvian Constitution, has a problem , a failure of undemocratic origin, he argued.

break in relationships

López Obrador, who had previously expressed solidarity with Castillo and offered him asylum in Mexico, revealed that diplomatic relations with Peru are on a “pause”, although this does not imply the rupture of ties or the ambassador’s withdrawal.

“He’s on break. waiting for what happens and hopefully a democratic solution will be sought,” revealed.

There is no political normality in Peru, it is not a question of saying: there will be relations. There are people on the street (protesting), who by the way are not informed, the media don’t report, if it were in Venezuela (it would be something else), you justified.

The Mexican leader insisted that he still considers Castillo the president of Peru, but he avoided answering directly if he recognizes the new president, Dina Boluartenominated by Congress last week.

“It is a doctrine of foreign policy in Mexico, that is, neither for the better nor for the worse, There is no recognition of any foreign government in Mexico, So what our diplomacy is doing is analyzing the events that are unfolding,” he said.

The president of Mexico has asked to avoid the “repression” of the people of Peru after the protests that erupted on Sunday against President Boluarte and Congress reached their maximum level of violence on Monday with seven dead and a hundred injured policemen.

“We are very sorry for what is happening.above all because of the suffering of the sister people of Peru, because this in one way or another comes from above, which we have always supported”, he recalled.

Source EFE and Clarin


Source: Clarin


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