Political crisis in Peru: Dina Boluarte now assures that the elections could be in 2023

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Challenged by violent protests in the south of the country, including looting in some cities, the new president of Peru, Dina Bolartereplacement of the former president Peter Castilloassured this Wednesday that general elections could be brought forward to December 2023instead of April 2024 as he had proposed to Congress.

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“Yesterday evening we met with the National Council and we reached some agreements. Also present was the president of the national electoral jury, the president of the Congress, institutions on which it depends to verify all the times of this advance of elections that I have already raised”, he said. Boluarte at a press conference at the Government Palace in Lima.

Legally the timing would be suitable for April 2024. However, by adjusting this can be brought forward to December 2023. Before that date, technically, legally it wouldn’t do. Consequently, the good Peruvians, sisters and brothers, must maintain themselves and walk within the legal margin, of the Constitution”, added Boluarte.

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The reference to the meeting that Boluarte made is that of the Council of State, made up of the highest representatives of all the powers and autonomous organizations of the country, which met on Tuesday night.

“We support the constitutional government to immediately restore public order within the parameters required by a constitutional and democratic rule of law with unlimited respect for the fundamental rights of the people”, indicates the statement issued by the Presidency of Peru.

Several members of the Council had accepted the proposal to bring forward the elections as much as possible. The race is due to appease violent demonstrations by supporters of former President Pedro Castillo who are blocking roads, marching in various cities across the country demanding Castillo’s release, early elections and the close of Congress.

Peru: date change in early elections

Exactly one week ago, Pedro Castillo recorded a video in which he decreed the closure of Congress, proposed judicial reform and the Public Prosecutor. He was dismissed and arrested and Dina Boluarte, until then vice president, assumed the presidency of the country.

In his speech read before Congress, he assured that he would fulfill his mandate until July 2026 and speculation immediately began. Three days later, on Saturday, he appointed the cabinet, the most violent protests began in the south of the country.

After clashes with the police, who carried out a harsh repression, two young men died in the Antahuaylas area, where they destroyed the airport. After midnight on Sunday, Boluarte announced in a message that he would bring forward the elections to April 2024.

However, the protests have intensified, there have been more checkpoints, a violent attack on the Arequipa airport, also in Cusco, and more clashes with the police in which four people have died. And this Wednesday it was confirmed that one of the wounded in Andahuaylas was also dead, for whom there are already seven victims of the protests.

Now, hours before wrapping up a week in power, Boluarte is trying to appease the protests with this new election date: December 2023.

Source: Clarin

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