Foods that have a lot of cholesterol and should be avoided

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It is known that the foods with high levels of cholesterol should be consumed in smaller amountsas they can lead to heart disease or other conditions over time.

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However, cholesterol is a fat molecule very important for blood and cells, both in people and animals. to exist two types higher cholesterol: the HDL extensionknown as “good cholesterol”, and the LDL extensionthe “bad cholesterol”.

The former travels directly to liverwhere it is processed and metabolized. The higher the level of this type, the better, as it means that the body eliminates cholesterol properly. LDL, on the other hand, circulates through the blood vessels and if the level is high it starts doing it to mature.

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There are some allowance designed to control cholesterol levels which vary between foods with large amounts of this molecule and others that help reduce it.

What foods should be eaten in smaller quantities to lower cholesterol?

1) Meats and sausages

All the types of meat have cholesterolto a greater extent the Red meat, sausages, tongue and liver. Those who have the least are the White meatlike chicken and rabbit.

2) Seafood

The sea ​​snailsthe prawns and prawn headsclams, mussels and clams They are the molluscs with the highest level of cholesterol. Instead the cuttlefish meatthe tail of the prawns and the squid they have less.

3 eggs

The Bud of the eggs has high levels of cholesterol, but the clear Not much.

4) Dairy products

The milk creamcream, whole milk, yogurt and full-fat cheeses like cheddar and goat have high cholesterol levels. The milk and the skimmed yogurts They have less cholesterol.

What foods to incorporate into the diet to reduce cholesterol

The foods that less cholesterol contain and that it is recommended to consume are the fruits and vegetablespeanuts, legumes and cereals.

Source: Clarin

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