Disney Plus: lasts 5 chapters and stars the Spanish singer Aitana

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“The last one”the series of disney plusit is a romantic story between Aitana Ocanamaking her debut as an actress, together with the protagonist of “Elite” Michele Bernardeau.

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The production was released on December 2nd and, according to the streaming service, they’re getting a second season.

According to the specialized website IMDb, the series was directed by Jordi Calafí, Joaquín Oristrell and Anaïs SchaaffJordi, recorded in Spain, with a script created by its directors.

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The actors of this romantic story they have been in an off-fiction relationship for four years but, during the filming of “La última”, they had too many crises because the singer-songwriter, in addition to working with her boyfriend, continued to tour, while Miguel ended up terminating his contracts to spend more time with her.

“The Last One”: Official Trailer

Synopsis of “The Last One”

Candela (Aitana Ocaña) is a girl who works in a logistics company while trying to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional singer. One night, her course changes when an executive hears her singing in a bar and realizes how talented she is. Diego (Miguel Bernardeau), on the other hand, is an old companion of the protagonist who wants to be a boxer and they meet again that same night, in which everything changes.


  • Aitana
  • Michele Bernardeau
  • Aitor Luna
  • Louis Zaera
  • Jorge Moto
  • Sandra Cervera
  • George Perugia
  • Oscar de la Fuente
  • David Castillo
  • Esther Ortega


The series has a total of five chapters and can be enjoyed on Disney Plus.

Source: Clarin

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