The viral challenge that few succeed: where are there two, seven, two zeros?

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Visual challenges, riddles and optical illusions. Everyone has become, without a doubt, a favorite pastime of social networks.

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Is that these challenges are capable not only entertain us in a fun way but, at the same time, they allow us to exercise our mind and put our skills to the test.

The latest of these challenges that managed to conquer thousands of people on the networks and become a real “headache” was shared by Twitter user @Sdesalvaje: “Where are two, seven, two zeros?”. According to the tweeter, the 99% of users make a mistake in solving it.

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The new challenge: it’s time to try

Let’s see what the challenge is. Do you dare to try it? You just have to choose one of the four correct options that appear in the image:

  • A)7700
  • B) 2720
  • C) 2700
  • D) 7720

To solve it we have only ten seconds to think. Ready? Time begins: now!

And how was it? If you failed to solve the challenge the first time, don’t worry, as the Twitter user assures, up to 99% of the participants They usually fail on the first try.. Let’s try again. Ready? Time starts now.

How did it go this time? If you still haven’t figured it out, don’t worry. social network users disagree with the answer. And although the option D is the least crowded, the truth is that the other three have a similar number of defenders.

The answers in the networks

“No answer is correct, numbers are not separated by commas”; “Incredible number of responses that don’t understand the use of commas. Education level on the floor”, “C, the key is commas…”, “You might think it’s another option but the only valid one is clearly A. Have a nice day, blessings”were some of the proposals they left online.

And added more: “The B”; “For me it’s option C, trying to interpret the spelling rules for commas”; “I would say you are asking for the two places where there are 7s and two 0s. So I would answer in a) and in c)”; “99% are wrong and 99% chose c”.

What’s the solution?

Contrary to what the tweeter claims in the publication, many users have had success with the in this case correct answer.

This is the option C: 2700. An answer that has its secret in the commas that divide the words, so as to cite independent numbers.

La Vanguardia / @Sdesalvaje

Source: Clarin

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