Home World News She graduated with honors from Oxford but is accused of falsifying her degree because she was ‘too beautiful’ to be intelligent

She graduated with honors from Oxford but is accused of falsifying her degree because she was ‘too beautiful’ to be intelligent

She graduated with honors from Oxford but is accused of falsifying her degree because she was ‘too beautiful’ to be intelligent

It’s hard to believe that already in the 21st century there are people who still think what physical appearance has something to do with intelligence of a person or by his performance in any field.

But they exist. And they proliferate, of course, on social networks, where they know that anonymity hides and protects. And they make a lot of noise.

These days, an outstanding student suffers from those ignorant and misogynistic “maxims.” Accusing her of forging her scrolls because “she’s too pretty” to be so smart.

Kate Wenqi Zhu had proudly shared the news that she had obtained her PhD in mathematics from the prestigious University of Oxfordin England, on their social networks at the beginning of the year.

However, instead of receiving support and congratulations as expected, the woman was viciously attacked because “She’s too pretty to be an Oxford graduate.”

The girl, who is 28, posted a video of her receiving the title on the Chinese social network Weibo. And immediately many users accused Zhu of they falsified its title.

Zhu not only managed to get a PhD in mathematics from the University of Oxford, but also the young girl also obtained the highest marks of its course, according to reports South China Morning Post.

But Zhu’s doctorate was an accomplishment many social media users refused to believe, judging her by her looks, arguing that the postgraduate didn’t look like a “typical outstanding student”.

“Judging from his videos and the smug posts he’s written, I can tell she is actually a WeChat businesswoman who sells things Established an image like a beautiful academic elite to attract the public,” accused a user.

Another wrote: “I’ve never heard the name of your department. Next time you’re faking something, could you be professional?”

Zhu’s graduation video it has been viewed more than 160 million timesbut he received strong criticism and on December 20 he finally decided to respond.

Zhu told her followers that she had been trying to keep busy and distracted from the attacks she had been dealing with, and despite some nasty comments, she had also “received a lot of encouragement and sincerity.”

Since posting the video, the young woman has supported him “I experienced a lot of emotions in the last semester“. “Does revealing selfies mean that the person is not good at studying? It’s time to break this stereotype. I just mean that as long as the stereotype exists, it should be slapped. What does not kill you only makes you stronger!”

Zhu even solved a math problem sent to him by a user claiming to be a college math professor and she humiliated him by doing it in just an hour.

Zhu finally commented that he “had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the finance industry by working on the investment management team at Goldman Sachs and the wealth management team at JP Morgan.”

Source: Clarin


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