“I’m looking for men between 30 and 60”: what does the Tinder profile they created for Edith Hermida say?

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the companions of Edith Ermida in blessed (El Nueve, Monday to Friday at 8.30pm) They don’t stop trying to find a boyfriend for the temporary guest of the Betto Casellawho is on vacation these days.

It has been, since the rapporteur took command of the cycle, and after confirming her separation from Roberto Sweet potato Fernández after 15 years of marriage, his colleagues resort to all possible means to find him a new love.

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This is how Hermida’s colleagues have created a profile for her in the last few hours Tinder with a fun presentation

“The promise is the debt, during Beatus preview (segment airs every Wednesday on the show’s official YouTube channel) we created a Tinder profile for La Chiru and this came out. DM requests,” they wrote on Instagram

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“I am a serial enjoyment of life”reads the first line of the profile of the driver, who is 52 and nicknamed La Chiru by her colleagues.

Along with a photo of her in a knit and another in a super short, low cut white dress, they also wrote: “I’m looking for men between the ages of 30 and 60. It’s essential that they are in a good mood and laugh at my jokes.”

“They cannot be whipped and must be gentlemen”read at the end of that plaque that made the followers of the program laugh.

“Chiru will find a good chongo, they’ll see!!”, “It’s too thick, let them take turns”, “Chiru, come on, come on and happy new year”, “Come on! I find the profile” and “Men!!!! Is there anyone who isn’t in love with Edith? It’s possible? I don’t believe it…” They were just some of the nice comments that the presenter also received in that post.

The separation of Edith Hermida and “Batata” Fernández after 15 years of love

Days ago, Edith Ermida confirmed their final separation from Robert Sweet potato Fernándezher partner since 2007 and father of her youngest daughter, Protection.

“It is true that we have separated. We were wrong a few years ago and decided, by mutual agreement, that this was for the best“, the driver confirmed to clarion after giving the scoop on the breakup show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11am).

And he continued: “It’s been a very nice 15 years with a beautiful girl we love. All on good terms, but definitive.”

“It seems strange to me to have to expose it, but it’s time. I’m fine but hey, it’s a relationship that had already expired and it’s for the best“Concludes Edith, who is also Paloma’s mother from a previous relationship.

The crisis before the separation of Edith Hermida

In March of this year, following a report on former members, Edith Ermida has generated confusion when it comes to his ex, in reference to Paloma’s father, his firstborn and viewers of blessed They understood that he had separated from Sweet potato Fernandez, Amparo’s father.

“We have been together with Batata for 14 years, Not an easy relationship, but we are still together trying to recover the couple. We have a beautiful family and we believe that there are still possibilities,” the host of El Nueve explained in her defense.


Source: Clarin

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