He bought a used router and discovered a millionaire’s dirtiest secrets

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Cyber ​​security is one of the big problems of this 21st century. Sensitive information, personal data, XXX videos… Everything is vulnerable, “hackable”, filterable and, despite the fact that we erase the materialmany times this still available.

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This is how a German TikToker calls himself @dankeunextgay on the platform.

The video is going viral to detail the juicy documents and photos which he claims to have found in a Apple Time Capsule which he paid $15 for and which he would buy at a thrift and thrift store, he posted The New York Post.

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Lie or truth? The story told by TikToker

In the video, posted on December 14, the man showed his followers that he had saved the file on his MacBook previous owner’s file -which were from 2010- when, according to what he explained, the wireless routers for the last time.

“Sorry Don, just going through your shit,” he says, identifying the former team owner by his first name only.

“This is [un poco] terrifying,” she captioned the video she had 5.6 million visits.

So, the highlights of the medium, posted a tracking clips about two minutes in which he gave further explanation on the matter Time capsulethe product that Apple discontinued in 2018.

“Instead of just having a backup, you have a file complete list of backups. This way, if one wants to go back to a certain period, it is possible to do so,” TikToker revealed.

“So it’s not just a copy of your computer, it’s dozens of different time periods going back to 2010,” he describes.

In this sense, he added that Don had Photos on your hardware dating back to 80s and theorized that he was an entrepreneur or CEO of some company.

“There’s verification history, credit card numbers, flight information. I have this man’s bank account number,” the TikToker clarifies. And he adds: “I can see how much money he had in the bank at any given time. I also have his life insurance information, e.g this guy is worth millions of dollars”.

“Now, we have to take into account that this is from 2010, so he’s probably already dead. However, the fact that he has access to this material is insane.”

The reaction of the networks

According to media reports, this discovery has aroused mixed feelings among users.

“This is a nightmare that I often have. And that’s exactly why I treasure all the electronics I’ve had, have, and will have,” one follower posted. “This is making me sweat, and I’m not Don,” another posted.

Humorously, one quipped, “Don wanted you to find him. You’ve been selected for a mission.”

“Hahaha, my late grandfather’s name was Don, he was an Apple nerd and owned a business…suspicious,” one person mused. To which another replied: “The same thing happens to me, I’m going a little crazy.”

How did the story end?

For Don’s peace of mind, TikToker confirmed it would permanently delete all information once you finish reviewing it.

“It’s useless to me and I feel uncomfortable holding other people’s things,” she says. That’s crazy.” He added, “To answer the question I know everyone will be asking, there was pornography”.

Source: Clarin

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