Emotional video of nurse dancing with girl celebrating her latest chemo: ‘Pictures give hope’

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The joy that the images reflect is truly touching. Is that the video that has gone viral shows the funny a nurses dance with Milena and her mom.

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The reason? It was there last chemotherapy of the six-year-old girl. and she wanted Celebrate it so, together daniele jolanthe professional who accompanied her throughout the treatment.

Viral video: “Images give hope”

“Since we met there was a special bond between us. We’ve had a very difficult time with her parents, but the strength this girl puts into everything deserved a celebration.”Daniel told TN about his relationship with Milena.

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Daniel Yolan is 46 years old. Since the age of 19, when she graduated as a nursing assistant, she has worked in the health sector. so it happened more than half of his life in contact with his patients.

But in the last few hours, his name and image have multiplied on social networks beyond power. As it happens, Daniel recorded and uploaded to TikTok a video of him dancing with Milena to celebrate the latest chemo and he it went viral.

Daniel is from Laprida but, after graduating, he went through Azul, Lobos and finally settled in the city of Buenos Aires, where he currently works at Hospital Foundationthe place where he met Milena just under a year ago when he was about to start treatment.

The day Milena found out she was going to receive it last chemotherapyyou asked Daniel to record a video on TikTok, bring back the vehicle. Thus it was that together with the mother of the little girl they let themselves be carried away by the music and celebrated the good news.

Daniel was a lot excited by the huge impact which had the clip in both networks and media outlets.

“I had never recorded a video for TikTok, but as soon as he asked me, I said yes. It was a wonderful moment that I will cherish forever. After a long time together we are a family. Milena is a very strong girl. I have accompanied her all this time and the images give hope”he assured in dialogue with TN.

Source: Clarin

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