So lives the couple who left the city and built a yurt to live in the desert

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Whitney Newkirk33 years old, and her husband Trent26 years old, decided to leave life in the city behind, build a tent in the middle of the desert and live there. A fabulous adventure that is reflected in a video that went viralwhich includes recycling your own waste to fuel the gas stove.

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Whitney Newkirk33 years old, and her husband Trent26 years old, it started when they left Milwaukee, USA, and traveled more than 2,000 kilometers to Joshua Tree National Park, in California.

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live in the desert

Whenever the couple has opened up about their plans, they have received nothing but negative comments. “They told us we’d never do it alone,” they recount their 2020 decision.

Yes, it is true that they have arisen numerous difficulties to carry out their ambitious plan, but with determination and optimism they went ahead.

“We had to build at night due to the intense heat when the sun was shining,” they say in the clip they uploaded to social networks.

They now live with their two dogs in a converted yurt on their land, which costs a total of about $30,000. Spectacular cabin has full kitchen, tv and all amenities.

“We strive to make our dream come true,” they say proudly, and claim to lose absolutely nothing of their life to “civilization.” “I love people, but I don’t like crowds,” she says, reflecting Daily mail.

travel and construction

The Joshua Tree National Park includes the Sonoran and Mojave deserts.

In March 2021, the couple bought an almost one-hectare plot of land for US$8,000 to build their new home.

They also bought the custom designed yurt and invested in a 8000 liter water tank to start.

the requested yurt three months of design and planning. The pair had to drive more than 14 hours to pick up parts from a company in Cottage Grove, Oregon, before spending another three weeks putting the structure together.

It took another year of renovation to turn it into a living space with bathroom and working kitchen.

Now that she’s basically done with her project, Whitney said she feels like she’s on top of the world.

“The best way I can describe the feeling when we broke up was that I literally felt like I was standing on top of mount everest“, exaggerated the woman.

An important fact: they get the electricity from solar panels that installed themselves.

They also have a domestic biogas plant which uses food and even human waste to create gas, which they use to cook using their own fryer and stove.

“Now we feel much freer financially and closer to nature,” they both note.

future improvements

Trent works from home as mechanical design engineer for a new company, while Whitney Manage the couple’s social accountswhere they document their lifestyle.

They say they’ve had to adjust to living on less water, though they still do they can take a shower every day and do the dishes. “We plan to dig a well, but it’s expensive and quite dangerous to do it ourselves,” they explain.

They also referenced the iinstall hot water in the coming monthsas the desert lifestyle means they didn’t need them during the summer.

Thanks to a weekly farmer’s market in a nearby town, Whitney and Trent can stock up on fresh produce. And for the unbelievers, they make it clear “there’s a Walmart up there” for any other supplies they may need.

setbacks and plans

As expected, what appears to be a path of roses also has thorns.

“There was a point where I thought we were crazy,” she says. And he continues: “Mainly because it was there a heat wave when we started our construction and the temperature reaches almost 48 degrees Celsius.”

The problem is that the place is very dry and increases the risk of dehydration. And his trailer couldn’t stand the heat.

They didn’t give up, sitting in Trent’s truck during the day and building at night when it got colder.

The couple is now concentrated overseas with the intention of doing so build your greenhouse start farming, because the national park areas are “green and full of life”.

If to close we need to talk about numbers, we also close the equation. And they argue that they’ve finally made a good investment since then nearby land now costs $65,000when they only paid US$8,000.

Source: Clarin

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