“The Banker”: Starring Samuel Jackson and booming on Apple TV+

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Within the vast catalog of original productions, AppleTV+ offers a film that has been a hit on its platform. It concerns “The Banker”starring the acclaimed actor Samuel L. Jackson.

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Despite releasing in 2020, the film has had a peak of success in recent weeks, in which it has not dropped out of the Top 10 on the Apple platform. with the address of George Nolfiis one of the best-reviewed films of the Apple TV Originals.

Synopsis of “The Banker” on Apple TV+

The story, based on true events, follows two African-American entrepreneurs in the 1960s who hire a white man to pose as the owner of their million-dollar project, while posing as a driver and cleaner.

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Critics welcomed the idea from Niceole R. Levy, George Nolfi and David Lewis Smith with open arms. On IMDb, a site specializing in film criticism, it obtained an average score of 7.3 out of 30,000 reviews; On the other hand, the website Rotten tomatoes gave it a 100% approval from audiences and 79% from critics of the medium.

The protagonists, in addition to Samuel Jackson, are played by anthony mackie Y Nicholas Hoult. The former is recognized for his role as the Falcon in the Marvel universe, while the latter stood out for his role as the Beast in the latest “X-Men” films.

Main cast of the film

  • Samuel L. Jackson – Joe Morris
  • Anthony Mackie-Bernard Garrett
  • Nicholas Hoult – Matt Steiner
  • Scott Daniel Johnson – Robert Florence, Jr.
  • Nia Long – Eunice Garrett
  • Jessie T. Usher-Tony
  • Paul Ben Victor – Donald Silverthorne

The estimated length of the film is 2 hourstaking into account the credits.

Main production equipment

  • Giorgio Nolfi – direction and screenplay
  • Niceole R. Levy and David Lewis Smith – screenplay
  • Joel Viertel – production
  • Anthony Mackie – production
  • Brad Feinstein – production
  • Tom Butterfield – production
  • H. Scott Salinas – soundtrack
  • Charlotte Bruus Christensen – photography

Source: Clarin

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