What does “Yellowstone” mean, the name of the series that was very popular in the United States?

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If there’s one series that’s trendy in the United States and in a good part of the world, it’s that. “Yellow Stone”. Since the day it premiered, it has been breaking audience records, especially with the arrival of its fifth and, for now, final season.

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The original production of Paramount Plus tell family events dutton on his ranch, called Yellowstone. While many fans believe the location exists in the real world, it doesn’t.

Where does the name “Yellowstone” come from?

The name of the ranch “Yellowstone” (Spanish for “yellow stone”) was taken from the creators of the series Taylor Sheridan and John Linson of Yellowstone National Parkin the states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

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However, the ranch we see in the series is not real. There is no ranch in that area with the name of the park, but there is the Chief Joseph Rancha place that the producers used to film and set their work.

Cattle breeding has been active since 1880, when it was started by the inhabitants of the area. In 1914 it was acquired by the entrepreneur William S. Forduntil it was recently sold to ranchers Shane and Abigail Libel.

The place offers tours for those interested in experiencing country life for a while. Even the current owners they left the big Y in the placed barnssince a large part of the visitors to the ranch go for the series.

However, the series has not always been filmed in that location, but given the great success of recent seasons, the producers have confirmed that will shoot at Chief Joseph Ranch for much longer.

Source: Clarin

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