Sexual adventures and parties in a police station end in scandal

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A married police officer at a small Tennessee police station is accused of having sex with six officers inside the station and having other affairs while on duty.

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In a series of supposed sexual adventures, Agent Maegan Hall and his colleagues are accused of having sex at the police station, sending explicit photos, taking off their clothes during a hot tub party, and even engaging in oral sex with two other officers at the La Vergne police station, Tennessee, according to the WTVF television network.

Hall was fired because of her behavior and statements, in which he allegedly bragged about the size of a partner’s genitals and claimed to be in an “open marriage”, along with Sergeant Lewis Powell and Constable Juan Lugo, among others.

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According to sources, Patrick Magliocco and Larry Holladay, two other officers alleged to have ties to Hall, had initially kept their jobs but were ultimately fired.

According to the internal investigation on December 28, Hall was also accused of performing oral sex on Powell and Shields while working at the police station. and in the police gymnasium. The extramarital encounters allegedly took place in hotels, parties at other agents’ houses and on boats.

When the mayor of La Vergne, Jason Cole, received the complaint that Hall had had sexual relations with numerous other police officers and had a threesome with Magliocco and his wife, among other allegations, Detectives began digging into the personal lives of the promiscuous agents.

Magliocco admitted having a sexual relationship with Hall when questioned.

According to the report, he admitted the two had sex while working.

According to the paper, Magliocco claimed he witnessed Hall and Holladay kiss as they watched football at a party. He also stated it Hall had kissed his wife Amy upon learning of their “open marriage.”

The agent said Hall’s husband witnessed the kiss and informed authorities that the man “definitely didn’t agree” with his wife having a threesome with the Maglioccos. Despite this, she continued to date him, according to the investigation.

Powell later denied having a sexual relationship with Hall when questioned, but said so “everyone knows she has several lovers”appointing Holladay and McGowan to the authorities.

According to the article, Powell admitted to the date in a later interview, after he was caught lying about his gym workout with Hall.

Additionally, it was revealed that Hall and several of the agents they had shared lewd text messages and pornographic pictures of themselves.

“Pornography and offensive images in the workplace are forms of sexual harassment. These items are offensive, inappropriate and can create a hostile work environment for other employees,” the official local police report said.

Source: Clarin

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