He went to the hospital because he was bitten by an insect and the bite became infected, he never imagined what he would find

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Bad news always comes without warning and from the least expected places. Something like this happened to a man in England. A simple bite that got infected and a devastating discovery.

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It was late October last year when the man, who calls himself Joe Beckwith and is from Morley, entered leedssuffered a bite that as the days passed it did not healand then finally got infected.

It was at that moment that, seeing the wound, his sister Leanne advised him go to the hospital to be examined. The woman feared something serious, like sepsis.

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Beckwith, who has three children, listened to her sister and went to be seen. doctors too blood was drawn for testing. They gave him antibiotics for the infection and sent him home.

But just a few hours later, his phone rang. They were from the hospital blood test results had been “abnormal” so they asked him to urgently go and talk to a specialist.

Already in the office, he received the blow. It’s that her blood work showed that her white blood cell count was extremely high. And he was diagnosed with acute myloid leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells that progresses rapidly and aggressively.

Our world has collapsed”She said leedslive the man’s sister, Leanne; and she continued: “He was awful, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. If I hadn’t gone for the bite we would have no idea about anything. I had no other symptoms except some night sweats.

Race against time

With the diagnosis, doctors they knew they had to be fast in Beckwith’s treatment, so after the bite infection cleared up, the man started chemotherapy,

Beckwith, who is 34, underwent chemotherapy for a month and was then able to go home to rest. Then come back and continue with the aggressive treatment.

“He couldn’t see his children at Christmas; he has not been able to see one of them who lives in Liverpool since being diagnosed. We were all sick at Christmas and because his immune system is so weak, it was too dangerous for him,” the sister said.

“It was really hard and terrifying to watch. He’s so strong and he’s overcoming it. It would mean a lot to us if we could help him a bit,” the 37-year-old added.

And finally, Joe got the awesome news on Dec. 9 that his leukemia was in remission. The specialists stressed the importance of being able to catch the cancer in time.

However, he still needs to get more chemotherapy. Man currently undergoes constant blood and platelet transfusions every day.

TO start your next round of chemotherapyyour extremely low platelet count will need to be much higher.

He is very tired and very weak, but it keeps her spirits up,” Leanne said. “She can’t do everyday things like go for a walk because she’s too tired.”

“The doctors advised her not to go outside because her immune system is very low at the moment. She only sees the same four walls every day, but he’s taking it all in stride“.

Source: The Mirror

Source: Clarin

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