Change of face and unsolved mystery: Cosa Nostra has lost its boss Matteo Messina and now what?

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Matteo Messina Denaro, 60 years old, spends his first days after his capture in maximum security prison from L’Aquila, far from Sicily and 130 kilometers from Rome, which houses other mafia prisoners sentenced to long sentences. There is also a nearby hospital with a cancer center where they will treat her colon cancer.

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In the meantime Cosa Nostra reorganizes itself in Sicily. A long time has passed since the terrible terrorist attacks of 1992 and 1993 in which the then young Messina Denaro took part. Salvatore “Totó” Riina, head of Corleone’s battle-hardened mafiosi who commanded the entire Sicilian region, reigned as boss of the bosses. Riina was arrested 30 years ago, in January 1993.

The two worst attacks with huge explosive charges killed the magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in 1992. They were the worst enemies of Cosa Nostra. Eight custodial officers lost their lives with them. It was the moment of greatest triumph of the terrorist strategy.

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Radical change

Since then the situation has radically changed. The state has taken the initiative again. Matteo Messina Denaro has ascended to the boss of bosses of a Cosa Nostra that already does not check fiercely the power within.

Is considered the last representative on the front line of one of the most dramatic seasons in the history of the Republic born after the Second World War.

The prosecutor Maurizio De Luca, head of the judicial investigators of Palermo, the Sicilian capital, takes stock of the situation. “The mafia exists and has changed. He no longer commits havoc, we don’t see as many deaths as in the past. It is a mafia that has changed its face, but it still is just as dangerous“.

Judge Giovanni Falcone has said several times that “Palermo is the military mafia and Trapani is the economic mafia”. Messina Denaro was the king of the Sicilian mafia west centered in Trapani (west of Palermo), where Freemasonry is said to have more centers than districts.

Mafia, Freemasonry, politics: Messina Denaro’s power unfolded around this trilogy.

but it always is Palermo the beating heart of the mafia power that for forty years has spread deeply even in northern Italy.

Although the Cosa Nostra’s investigative control power has been deployed with great efficiency, with the use of electronics and the deployment of interceptions with new digital devices, even from the United States, what is happening among the Palermo clans continues largely protected in the most secret shadows.

One thing is certain: the “men of honour” do not resign to the old mandate to direct the Summit, which decides on the control of big companies and intervenes to prevent internal conflicts which have historically caused bloody wars for power.

The most remembered stories are those that led to the accumulation of absolute power of “Totó” Riina and the Corleone mobsters.

A new command dome

The information, which transcends into the press attentive to the news, indicates that among the heads of the clans there is the conviction that it is necessary to develop the rules that have allowed Cosa Nostra to develop over the centuries. And the rules include the formation of a Command Domeas per tradition.

It is not known whether a cathedral already exists. The hypothesis is that there were meetings in 2018but that the mafia body is still in formation.

Names are given. For instance John Motissi, known as El Gordo, head of the Pagliarelli clan, over sixty years old. Wanted for various murders and participation in the 1992-1993 attacks, he is considered a trusted man of action for “Totó” Riina, as was the young Messina Denaro at the time.

there is also Stefano Fidanzatti70 years old, from the Arenella Fidanzati clan, who have built an economic empire between Palermo and Milan.

The “Corriere della Sera” highlights what the researchers consider other “younger” but no less interesting” as Joseph Auterihe grew up together with the boss Calógero Lo Presti, who allegedly managed the safe of the Porta Nuova clan, one of the richest and most powerful in Palermo.

Among the possible candidates, perhaps already members of the Cúpula, StAndro Capizzi, son of the old chief Benedetto Capizzi, historical chief of the clan of Santa María de Jesús.

The sensational arrest of the last boss of times gone by, Matteo Messina Denaro, Open Pandora’s box whose extraordinary details could reveal the “man of a thousand mysteries”, as they call him.

After his arrest on Monday at the Maddalena clinic in Palermo, which specializes in cancer treatment, Messina Denaro was taken from Sicily. He is in the maximum security prison, “built with nothing around” in an area of ​​the city of L’Aquila, the capital of Abruzzo.

The Eagle Prison

It is a prison specialized in the custody of prisoners subjected to maximum security regimes. In particular that of law 41 bis which establishes a harsh treatment to the exponents of the various Italian mafias.

currently hosts three hundred convicts, including common inmates. There are 142 men detained for mafia crimes and about ten women in a women’s section. Among them is Nadia Desdemona Lyocewho is not a mafioso but a head of the Red Brigades accused of two murders.

Rigid and iron management prevented escape attempts or collective protests.

The maximum security prison relies on the health management of the San Salvatore hospital, which has a good assistance service for cancer patients. There Messina Denado will receive treatment who is already receiving chemotherapy treatment against colon cancer from which he suffers.

The last boss of bosses, who according to the investigators he hasn’t been a real Mafia boss in recent years throughout the Sicilian territory, he is interned in an isolated sector of the prison, where the prison chaplain has given him all his clothes and other utilities.

Messina he was willing to talkhe thanked for how the carabinieri treated him when they captured him on Monday in Palermo and he said no more.

The investigators quickly identified the secret place in Campobello di Mazzara, in the Trapani area, where the mafia boss had resided in recent months. there they found luxury clothes, watches and precious personal jewelsan agenda in which she complains because her 27-year-old daughter, who was a mother, refuses to see him, but nothing more.

They are looking for what, according to the testimonies of some arrested and “repentant” gangsters, is the most important treasure: the archive of the great boss of bosses “Totó Riina” which would remain in the hands of Messina Denaro. There they can jump into the light big revelations how the terrorist mafia strategy was developed.

Probable, according to the investigating magistrates, that there is a secret place which was or still is the most important hiding place in Messina in these 30 years of permanent escape.

It is known that in many years he made at least three trips. One in Venezuela, another in Spain, where he underwent eye surgery in a Barcelona clinic, and the third in England.

Rome, correspondent


Source: Clarin

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