The film with Anya Taylor-Joy that rocks on Hulu and does not leave the Top 10

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One of the main productions of the platform hulu is, without a doubt, “The menu”. The film directed by Marco Mylod It was very well received by the audience since the day it premiered and ranked #1 in the most watched of the year.

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One of the most recognized points of the film was their performances. The protagonists are two famous Hollywood and English film actors, respectively: Anya Taylor-Joy Y Ralph Fiennes. She first rose to fame with her roles in ‘The Witch’ and ‘Split’ although she peaked her with the series “The Queen’s Gambit”; while the second is remembered by film buffs in his role as voldemort in the saga of “Harry Potter”.

What is “The Menu” (2022) about?

The plot follows Margot Y Tyler, a young couple who take a trip to a remote island to visit an upscale restaurant. Once there, they meet the chef slowika gastronomic eccentric who will prepare a menu of the highest level, but with each dish it will become more and more surprising and bizarre.

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The movie was a hit from the day it came out. Critics gave it rave reviews, to the point that Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes were nominated for awards. Golden globes for his work in the feature film. In the IMDb, a site specializing in films and series, obtained an average score of 7.3 out of 153,000 reviews; On the other hand, the website Rotten tomatoes gave it an approval rating of 76% from audiences and 88% from outlet critics.

Main cast of the film

  • Anya Taylor-Joy – Margot
  • Ralph Fiennes – Chef Slowik
  • Nicholas Hoult-Tyler
  • Janet McTeer – Lillian
  • Hong Chau-Elsa
  • Paul Adelstein-Ted
  • John Leguizamo – movie star
  • Aimee Carrero – Felicity

The duration of “The Menu” is 1 hour and 47 minutes approximately, taking into account the credits.

Main production team

  • Mark Mylod – conductor
  • Seth Reiss and Will Tracy – screenplay
  • Katie Goodson – production
  • Will Ferrell – production
  • Adam McKay – production
  • Zahra Phillips – production
  • Colin Stetson – soundtrack
  • Peter Deming – cinematography

Source: Clarin

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